Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kit Locations

Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kit Locations

Zombie Army 4 Upgrade Kit Locations

Zombie Military 4 Improve Kit Places – All the 35 Update Package locations (collectible), and rapid guides to get them all

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Zombie Military 4 Upgrade Kit – Useless In advance

1st Improve Kit: Communicate to the health practitioner, head to the hallway and use your melee to bust the boards

2nd Enhance Package: Complete chapter 1 and come across it close to the improve girl

3rd Update Package: Immediately after the previous a single, go downstais and complete the six rounds of the minigame

4th Upgrade Kit: As soon as you are released to the suicide zombies, go proper, then upstairs and obtain it inside the container

5th Upgrade Kit: From the shack with the risk-free, go upstairs, then to the other aspect, go down the steps and then close to the techniques to obtain it

Zombie Army 4 Up grade Package – Useless Canal

1st Update Kit: When you have to disembark (boat) and raise up a bridge, initially head to the open up doorway as a result of the white techniques

2nd Enhance Kit: From the Protected place (Ghost & Gondolas) go left and development until eventually you locate the techniques that lead into the drinking water, stick to then until you get the package

3rd Update Package: From the Safe area (The Shadows of Venice) cross the bridge (to yout right) and uncover it inside the building to your remaining, the just one with the crimson awning

4th Upgrade Package: Gates of hell, open up the initially 2 doorways making use of the generator and go via the still left just one, go downstairs (basement), locate the open up door with the barrel and the package

Zombie Army 4 Update Package – Meat Locker

1st Up grade Package: When you are refueling the goal canister locate it within the open up practice automobile

2nd Enhance Kit: Into Darkness > Transform the power on. Go to the armory and locate it on the shelf

3rd Improve Package: Supernatural Superweapon > Fall down to the lower floor and locate it in the office environment, in close proximity to one particular of the firing mechanisms

4th Update Package: Subsequent chapter, leave the risk-free house, cross unther the still left bridge and uncover it on a crate, less than the bridge

Zombie Military 4 Upgrade Kit – Zombie Zoo

1st Upgrade Package: 1st chapter > interact with the locked doorway you will obtain in the very first set of cages

2nd Improve Package: 2nd chapter > arrive at the 2nd screamer, enter the bunker, and discover it

3rd Improve Package: 3rd chapter > continue to keep the sniper alive

4th Improve Kit: To the remaining of the doorways of the Planetarium, the improve kit is on a bench

Rotten Coart

1st Enhance Kit: Head to the resistance camp right up until you obtain a highway, observe the street right until the smaller household, the package is inside of

2nd Upgrade Package: Village of Darkness > Retain the sniper of the tower alive

3rd Improve Kit: Village of Darkness > Right after the preceding just one, do not enter the safe and sound area. Follow the street to the suitable, get into the 1st residence and upstairs

4th Up grade Package: Conversation Breakdown > Realign the satelite dish, but never get started it, head to the barn, via the drinking water and come across the package to start with

5th Enhance Kit: The Very best Laid Strategies > Go by the tunnels, kill the buzzsaw zombie, and find it in a barrel

Molten Nightmare

1st Enhance Package: 1st chapter > head to the courtyard with a generator. Discover the ally (2nd floor), and find the package inside of the area behinf him

2nd Up grade Package: Hot on the Path > Get to the docks. Destroy the zombies, and uncover it inside of the stall with a blue plaque

3rd Upgrade Package: A Evening On The Town > Graveyard > open crypt (suitable)

4th Upgrade Kit:  The Final Hell Tower > Crystal clear the very first wave > Go upstairs and comply with the route > uncover it inside of the area the armor zombies appear

All Roads Guide to Hell

1st Enhance Package: 1st chapter > head to the cave, come across the explosives detonator shack. At the rear of there is a cave, and the upgrade is inside

2nd Up grade Kit: 2nd chapter > progress by means of the tunners until eventually you can go ideal, left, or straight > Combat tunnel & water

3rd Up grade Package: 3rd chapter > Achieve the safe and sound property but dont get inside. As an alternative go upstairs and come across it on the other facet of the bridge

4th Upgrade Kit:  Last chapter > Head the courtyard, distinct the zombies and uncover it by the open arch

Hell Foundation

1st Upgrade Package: 1st chapter > conserve the dude and get the heroic action. Distinct the drain and keep going right until the survivor opens a door. The upgrade is inside

2nd Enhance Kit: War Equipment > when you see a buzzsaw (pop out of a doorway), very clear the location and get inside of that door

3rd Improve Kit: Let us get out of below > Protect the elevator and come across it by the broken doorways right before using the elevator

4th Enhance Package:  Steal The Relic > Depart the protected home. Head earlier the relic in direction of the devices in the next area, and glance to the correct to find it (dim corner)

Hell Device

1st Improve Package: 1st chapter > Once you are tossed into a blood sewer get into the tunnel. Then climb the ladder and come across the final update

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