Wizard Simulator Staffs Guide – Robloxtool

Wizard Simulator Staffs Guide – Robloxtool

Wizard Simulator Staffs

Welcome to the Wizard Simulator Staffs Guideline, we will display you the buffs and the fees of every single staff in the game

You will have to have a ton of gems to obtain the finest staffs, so we suggest you to redeem all the energetic codes

Wizard Simulator Staffs – Earth

  • Earth Staff members: x2 Earth Magic, but fees 10,000 gems
  • Ground Staff: x3 Earth Magic, but expenses 100,000 gems
  • Boulder Workers: x4 Earth Magic, but costs 1,000,000 gems
  • Tomb Workers: x5 Earth Magic, but costs 10,000,000 gems
  • Tectonic Staff: x6 Earth Magic, but expenditures 100,000,000 gems

Wizard Simulator Staffs – Fireplace

  • 1st Fireplace Personnel: x1 Fireplace Magic, but costs 10,000 gems
  • 2nd Fireplace Team: x2 Hearth Magic, but expenditures 100,000 gems
  • 3rd Hearth Workers: x3 Fire Magic, but charges 1,000,000 gems
  • 4th Hearth Staff: x4 Fireplace Magic, but expenditures 10,000,000 gems
  • 5th Fire Workers: x6 Hearth Magic, but prices 100,000,000 gems

Wizard Simulator Staffs – Wind

  • Air Staff: x1 Wind Magic, but prices 1,000 gems
  • Wind Staff members: x2 Wind Magic, but charges 5,000 gems
  • Twister Staff: x3 Wind Magic, but costs 10,000 gems
  • Windy Workers: x4 Wind Magic, but expenditures 20,000 gems
  • Typhoon Employees: x5 Wind Magic, but expenses 50,000 gems

Wizard Simulator Staffs – H2o

  • Water Staff: x1 Drinking water Magic, but expenditures 1,000 gems
  • Drip Personnel: x2 Water Magic, but prices 5,000 gems
  • Whirl Employees: x3 Water Magic, but expenses 10,000 gems
  • Puddle Workers: x4 Water Magic, but charges 20,000 gems
  • Ocean Staff: x5 Drinking water Magic, but prices 50,000 gems

Merlin’s Team of Knowledge

It is a game move exclusive item, you cannot teach your magic stat with it, but improves your chief board magic. You will offer the exact amount of money of problems as the benefit of your magic stat

Charge: 500 Robux

Arcerion’s Staff members of Darkness

Go to the defense cave entrance and fork out 250,000,000 gems to Arcerion (NPC). Once you have it you can practice relying on the spot you are:

  • Drinking water space: Trains H2o
  • Earth region: Trains Earth
  • Wind location: Trains Wind
  • Fireplace place: Trains Fire

It is not the finest personnel for training, the multiplier is x1. But, as the Merlin’s staff members, you will deal the similar amount of money of injury as the benefit of your magic stat

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