Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough & Guide

Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough & Guide

Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough guide

Welcome to The Browsing Aunt Sara Walkthrough & Information, the place we will deliver you all the decisions and techniques to reach the maximum ranges to unlock all the scenes in the game

Going to Aunt Sara Walkthrough – First Ways

  • Acquire the 1st Coin (on the table among the door to the backyard and the television space, near to a “clock?”
  • Backyard > click on the warm tub > then go to the mud next to the significantly ideal purple plant
  • Head Upstairs > Click on on the Essential (Desk) > Click on the correct Plant to get a card
  • Acquire the 2nd Coin (look to the wall to the still left of the left plant)
  • Rest room (2nd Doorway) – Choose the Lime from the Environmentally friendly Box
  • Synthia’s Room (3rd door) – Choose the Card (infront of the Closet)
  • Zach’s room (4th Doorway) > take the lighter (Simply click on the Pillow) and choose the Card (major facet of the Mattress
  • Garage > Red Box (Use Critical to get Pliers) > White Bag (Use Box of Lime to get Chlorine > Black Box (Use Pliers) > get the Shovel
  • Kitchen area > get the Duck tape (Counter next to the Fridge) > Click on on the Plant to get the Card
  • Backyard > use the shovel in the mud upcoming to the much ideal pink plant to get the cryptic paper > Use Chlorine in the Scorching Tub > Use Duck tape on the Drinking water Pump > Acquire the card from the Major Plant south of the Drinking water Pump
  • Kitchen > Simply click on Aunt Sara
  • Upstairs > Aunt Sara’s Place (1st Doorway) > Indeed
  • Backyard > Incredibly hot Tub > Get in
  • Upstairs > Aunt Sara’s Space > Alchol Bottle
  • Kitchen > Fridge (Cranberry Juice) > Glasses (Alchol) > Eyeglasses (Cranberry Juice)
  • Yard > Aunt Sara (give her the Cranberry Cocktail) > Click on Aunt Sara
  • Kitchen area > Simply click on Aunt Sara > Take the Gloves (Kitchen area Sink)
  • Frontyard > Use Gloves on the Trash Can to getForbidden Desiers > Obtain the 3rd coin (involving the left tree and the bush)
  • Outer Yard > Take a brown card from the remaining side > Acquire a brown card from the proper aspect
    Dwelling Home > Aunt Sara (Use Forbidden Desiers with ger)

Black Box Code

  • Aunt Sara’s Area – > Outfits (On the bed) > Yes > Black Box (Base Right) use code 387  to get the Thumb Drive
  • Dinning Corridor > Laundry Device (Use Garments)

Browsing Aunt Sara Walkthrough – Conserve Position

  • Head Upstairs Steer clear of Aunt Sara and enter her toilet (if you are unsuccessful, load from the help you save position)
  • Aunt Sara’a Bathroom > consider the coin from the Pink Chest > Click on on the Plant (Remaining)
  • Enable her catch you
  • Zach’s Room > Radio
    Dinning Hall > Calculator 2 times to get a steel detector
  • Yard – Beneath the Big Tree (Ring)
  • Upstairs > Sara (give her the Ring)
  • Frontyard>Newspaper
  • Backyard > Clothing
  • Dinning Corridor > Aunt Sara
  • Viewing Place (South of the place you are) > Computer system Display screen (Use Thumb Drive) > Two Coronary heart Fragments
  • Living Home > Aunt Sara >I opened Paul’s lockbox
  • Synthia’s Home > Sara

Killing the Rat

  • Aunt Sara’s Space > Bathroom
  • Kitchen > Sink – Yes (Glass of H2o) > Fridge (Cheese)
  • Garage – > Bucket (Glass of H2o) > Bucket (cheese) > Bucket (Shovel)
  • Aunt Sara’s Area > Sara
  • Frontyard > Ricky
  • Upstairs
  • Synthia’s Space > Closet (Coat Hanger)
  • Frontyard> Ricky’s Automobile (Use Coat Hanger)
  • Kitchen area > Cellular phone
  • Upstairs
  • Frontyard
  • Dwelling Home > Aunt Sara
  • Frontyard > Box > Press it shut to the Hot Tub > Aunt Sara
  • Kitchen area
  • Backyard > mud region south of Bee Hive > Bee Hive (Use Newspaper) > Newspaper (Use Lighter) > Dead Bush (Use Lighter)
  • Garage > Bucket

Going to Aunt Sara Walkthrough – Ending

  • Backyard > Fireplace (Use Bucket of Drinking water) >Aunt Sara (Use Coronary heart)
    Head to Aunt Sara’s Place – Click on your Garments – Sure
    Head Downstairs

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