Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles & Solutions – A New Home

Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles & Solutions – A New Home

Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles

Welcome to Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles & Alternatives – A New Dwelling, a guideline with the remedy for each individual puzzle, with suggestions, necessities and also the recipes you are going to will need

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Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles – 1 The Properly

A New Household puzzle 1 – The Effectively:

Prerequisites: Trainee Builder

Puzzle 1 – The Very well – Resolution: Drop the trainee builder on te very well (north of the map)

Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles – 2 The Hut

A New Household puzzle 2 – The Hut:

Necessities: 1 single doing the job villager

Puzzle 2 – The Hut – Option: Drag villagers until eventually they finish the design, much more than 1 villager would make it faster

Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles – 3 The Beach front

A New Home puzzle 3 – The Seaside:

Necessities: 1 one adult villager

Puzzle 3 – The Beach front – Resolution: Fall grownup villagers on the smashed boat particles (island seaside)

Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles – 4 The College

A New Property puzzle 4 – The College:

Necessities: 1 learn scientist

Puzzle 4 – The School – Remedy: Drop a master scientist on to the extensive household situated to the north of the investigation table

Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles – 5 The Lagoon

A New Property puzzle 5 – The Lagoon:

Needs: 3 experienced builders and also construction technological innovation amount 2

Puzzle 5 – The Lagoon – Remedy: Fall at least a villager on the rocks blocking the stream to the dry creek mattress

6 Magic Fish of Fertility

A New Dwelling puzzle 6 – Magic Fish of Fertility

Prerequisites: Clearing the Lagoon, A learn Farmer, Farming lvl 2 and also Construction lvl 3

Puzzle 6 – Magic Fish of Fertility – Option: Drop a learn farmer into the Lagoon, he may perhaps have to have some attempts

Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles – 7 The Cemetery

A New Household puzzle 7 – The Cemetery:

Requirements: a deceased villager and also Spirituality lvl 2

Puzzle 7 – The Cemetery – Alternative: Immediately after a villager dies, fall another on the remains of the deceased villager

Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles – 8 Herb Mastery

A New Property puzzle 8 – Herb Mastery

Requirements: Pre properly trained healers

Puzzle 8 – Herb Mastery – Solution: Place villagers on each and every of the bizarre crops of the island, there are 6:

  • Nortwest: Pitcher plant close to the dry grass
  • North: Blue flower by the gong
  • North east: lilac flower over the blue flowers
  • East: Black flowers higher than the waterfall
  • Southeast: crimson bouquets by the dam
  • South: Orange flower at the base

Virtual Villagers Origins Puzzles – 9 The Back garden

A New House puzzle 9 – The Back garden:

Needs: Clearing the Lagoon

Puzzle 9 – The Yard – Alternative: fall a villager on the discipline on the appropriate side of the display, composed of bizarre useless bouquets

10 The Magic Plant of Existence

A New Dwelling puzzle 10 – The Magic Plant of Everyday living:

Specifications: The Golden Child and also The Butterflies

Puzzle 9 – The Magic Plant of Existence – Resolution: When the butterflies comply with the Golden Little one drag him to the unusual plant north of the berry bush

Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles – 11 The Temple

A New Property puzzle 11 – The Temple:

Needs: Learn Builder and also Building lvl 3

Puzzle 11 – The Temple – Resolution: Drag a master builder to the ruins in the southeast of the island

12 The Idol

A New Home puzzle 12 – The Idol:

Necessities: The Temple and also Spirituality lvl 3

Puzzle 12 – The Idol – Solution: Drop some builders on the shiny rock on the west facet of the village

13 The Golden Kid

A New Homen puzzle 13 – The Golden Kid:

Demands: Clearing the Lagoon, Nursing lady, The Idol, Magical Garden and also Fertility lvl 3

Puzzle 13 – The Golden Kid – Remedy: Drop a nursing mother into the lagoon

14 The Butterflies

A New Home puzzle 14 – The Butterflies:

Prerequisites: Golden Boy or girl and also Magical Back garden

Puzzle 14 – The Butterflies – Remedy: Drop the Golden Boy or girl on the flowery garden east of the village

15 The Treasure

A New House puzzle 15 – The Treasure:

Demands: Master Builder, Science Technological innovation lvl 3 and also Design Technological know-how lvl 3

Puzzle 15 – The Treasure – Remedy: Drop a master builder on the southeast element of the island, involving the food bin and the stone temple, right up until the message “”Is a little something buried in this article?” pops up

16 The Cave

A New Household puzzle 16 – The Cave:

Needs: Golden Boy or girl

Puzzle 16 – The Cave – Answer: The Golden Baby will go the rock in front of the cave in his individual time

And these are all the Digital Villagers Origins Puzzles & Remedies – A New Household

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