Upgrade Cards in BTS World – Stones, Level Cap…

Upgrade Cards in BTS World – Stones, Level Cap…

Upgrade Cards in BTS World

In this information we will exhibit you how to Upgrade Playing cards in BTS Earth to raise the level cap by way of leveling up and the exceptional up grade stones.

Enhance Cards in BTS Planet – Requirements

To up grade a card you want to:

1º – Access the card maximum amount

2º – Have adequate unique update stones

So we give you the aspects of both of those needs:

Degree up the Card

To amount up a card to its maximum level you have to have to use EXP objects like bouquets, blossoms, bouquets…

And the very best way to farm exp products is basically completing missions. When you distinct a mission you get gold, presents and also exp products as reward. And you can replay now finished missions as quite a few instances as you want if you will need to farm exp merchandise.

Update Stones

Once a card access the greatest stage you nonetheless have to pay the sum demanded of improve stones to update the card. But every single character has its possess improve stones. So if you want to upgrade the Suga´s Card (for illustration) you need to have the Suga´s upgrade stones. And the same applies for RM, Jin, J-Hope, V, Jimin and also Jung Kook. So, how to get the unique Enhance stones?

  • Copy Playing cards: Improve your duplicate cards in the exchange tab for up grade stones, DNA and bouquet
  • DNA: In the DNA shop you can modify DNA for update stones.
  • Amount upgrades: In selected concentrations you will obtain benefits like gold, gems and also up grade stones.

Upgrade Playing cards in BTS Planet – Stage Cap

First of all 1* and 2* playing cards simply cannot be upgraded. You can only update 3*, 4* and also 5* playing cards.

For 3*, 4* and also 5* cards the amount cap is 30, but you can enhance it if you improve the card

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