Unusual: how and where to unlock all the characters

Unusual: how and where to unlock all the characters

Undefeated has been a big surprise in many releases. The new Lab Zero has managed to combine platforms, role-playing touches and metroidvania to create a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčappetizing cocktails. Apart from this fusion of sorts, the title has a very characteristic visual aesthetic that gives it great personality.

Throughout the adventure you can unlock different characters. Each of them has different attacks, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The more you have, the better equipment you can create to increase your winning options. In this guide we tell you how to hire and unlock all the characters in undivided.

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Unusual: how and where to unlock all the characters

  • Unlock Dhar – Awarded for going through the first bars of history.
  • Unlock Razmi: Achieved From History Evolution.
  • Unlock honey and ginseng: You must find the resurrection lilies
  • Unlock Zebei: You must release it from the Vimana Fortress
  • Unlock Tungar: You must free him from the Vimana fortress after you open all the red doors.
  • Unlock Kushi: You must defeat the fortress boss
  • Unlock Thorani: Awarded when completing Mt Sumeru
  • Unlock Qadira – it's part of the story and you get it before you get to the Temple
  • Unlock Tharwa – Not used in the race, reminds you of your current goal
  • Unlock Baozhai: After completing the Tower of Sofia, at the Port Maerifa pub
  • Unlock George: Get him after clearing the Port Maerifa barricade
  • Unlock Phoebe: After clearing the roadblock, go back to the city, you must defeat it
  • Unlock Nuna – Recruits after rescuing her from Kaanul
  • Unlock Asiri: At Kaanul with a certain skill, just dye your clothes
  • Unlock Hunoch and Xiboch: After conquering the Serpent Queen you must complete a new mission
  • Unlock Zahra: It's in Port Maefica but you need a long jump and complete a mission for her.
  • Unlock Lanshi: part of the story once you reach Mount Sumeru
  • Unlock Naga Raider: when you return to Tai Krung
  • Unlock Yan: Release him from the cage in Tai Krung
  • Unlock Kampan: You'll get it when you get to the end of the story
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So far our guide on how to unlock all the characters in Undecided. It has been announced that more characters will arrive if you stay tuned for possible news. Of course, don't forget to check out the game review.



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