Ulala Idle Adventure guide and tricks

Ulala Idle Adventure guide and tricks

Ulala Idle Adventure guide and tricks

Welcome to our guide and we are cheating on Ulala Idle Adventure, the XD Global RPG for Android and iOS for mobile

Driver and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – The basics

Conquer an area

You have to beat the boss of this zone to move on to the next one


Below the minimum map you will see the shells you earn per minute and they will be used to improve your weapons, armor and accessories.

Go up level

You need experience that you can gain by defeating creatures or bosses in adventure or battle


It is the main currency and is used to buy shells, to catch pets, etc. You get them to complete the missions.


It is the premium currency and is bought with real money, although it is necessary to buy skill boxes and other items in the game, among others


You will have a computer controlled by default AI. But if you play with real people you will get more benefits. So try to make or make friends.

Driver and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Pets

Pets are unlocked at level 16 and the first is free. For the following, you will need bait (food). Then you can train them and improve them. And there are 185 pets now, so you only have time with them.

Unlocking and arresting pets

To unlock new discovery or unlock new areas

Once unlocked, go to the battle screen, click the manual, and click the pet to learn the recipe.

For cooking go to camp> cook> dish> cook. Although if you want better (legendary) pets, you will need to cook dishes of the highest quality. The ingredients will be obtained by beating monsters, throwing.


All pets belong to 2 elements, with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Fire: Strong against lightning but weak against ice
  • Lightning: Strong against the Earth but weak against the Fire
  • Earth: Strong against ice but weak against lightning
  • Ice: Strong in front of fire but weak in front of Earth

So try to get pets legendary and use them according to your own elementary

Ulala Idle Adventure Guide and Cheats – Character Improvement


When you reach the required level you will unlock the feature points, which you can use to increase attack, defense, criticism or escape.


Use the best pieces of equipment (weapons, armor) you have to improve the statistics you want (attack, life, speed …). And the ones you don’t need to change for precious stone fragments

Precious stones

If the team has already improved your statistics, adding gems to your weapons or armor will enhance the result. Although we recommend incorporating gemstone fusion to increase its level and improve the result.

I’m overdoing it

You meet the requirements and exceed, you can see them from the profile, so you will further improve the character

Ulala Idle Adventure Guide and Cheats – Chests

Chests of monsters

It is one of the best ways to get legendary equipment. Go to the camp and look left. Click on the chest, and if you are in a team with real people you will be able to roll the dice, the one with the best score (from the team) will get the reward. And you can participate once a day

Skills set

You also have access from the campsite menu (near the warehouse). It requires star tickets or skills, but the rewards are worth it.

Ulala Idle Adventure – Wish Coins guide and tricks

They are taken on daily missions (completing all). When you have, go to the source of desire and you can choose a desire, including the legendary abilities

Ulala Idle Adventure guide and tricks – Black market

Cooking ingredients, high quality equipment, features, stones or gemstones, skill fragments; there are tons of valuables out there, so don’t forget to stop

Ulala Idle Adventure – Hero’s Hill guide and tricks

It is accessible from the camp and you can receive rewards based on your progress

  • <90% gold breast
  • > 90% epic chest
  • > 95% legendary chest
  • > 99% mythical chest

From these breasts you will receive fame points (fame rewards) and starfish

Defeat bosses and unlock belts to increase your progress%

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