Tower Defense Simulator John Guide

Tower Defense Simulator John Guide

Tower Defense Simulator John
Tower Defense Simulator John

Welcome to the Tower Defense Simulator John Guideline, where by we will give you all the data (standard stats, upgrades, expenditures, capabilities, rewards, cosmetics) of a single of the most preferred towers of the game

Tower Defense Simulator John – Simple Data

John is the most preferred Tower of the game, so lets get started with his base stats:

  • Coin Charge: $1,000
  • Starting Cost: $575
  • Harm: 2
  • Weapon: M16
  • Type: Ground
  • Selection: 12
  • DPS: 2,5 DPS
  • Market Rate: From $143 to $5,467

Is a potent starter tower, but john’s updates are fairly highly-priced, as you can verify under

Untill 7/19/2019 you could receive John by the code J0nRBX, but now is only availabe by means of coins, at the shop. You can also check all the energetic codes right here

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Tower Protection Simulator John – Updates

There are 5 updates, and with each of them you will maximize John’s stats:


  • Cost: $450
  • Benefits: +2 Variety (14), Black gloves (cosmetic) and also +$112 Sell Selling price ($255)

Laser Sight

  • Charge: $1,400
  • Positive aspects: +1 Destruction (3), + Concealed Detection, ,6 Fireplace Level, Laser Sight (beauty) and also +$350 Promote Value ($605)


  • Price: $3,250
  • Added benefits: +1 Injury (4), +2 Variety (16), M60 (beauty) and also +$812 Offer Price ($1,417)

Cheff Outfit

  • Charge: $6,200
  • Benefits: +3 Selection (19), ,2 Hearth Rate, Chef Outfit (beauty) and also +$1,550 Offer Value ($2,967)

Gorilla Appears

  • Charge: $10,000
  • Rewards: +2 Array (19), +2 Harm (6), Gorilla Sounds (ability) and also +$2,500 Market Rate ($5,467)

So if you want to fully up grade John you will will need $21,300, but you will boost its DPS from 2,5 to 30, and its assortment from 12 to 19

Tower Protection Simulator John – Capacity

John’s only capability is Gorilla Appears, wich has a +50% hurt raise for the duration of 5 seconds for all the towers in range, but 65 seconds of cooldown. And also, of program, you will listen to some gorilla appears

Online video – Gameplay

And to finish this manual, a gameplay of John, a online video from the youtuber Eggrypted “How Far Can you go applying John only?”:

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