Tower Defense Simulator Commando Guide

Tower Defense Simulator Commando Guide

Tower Defense Simulator Commando

Welcome to the Tower Protection Simulator Commando Information, the place we will deliver you all the information (standard stats, upgrades, costs, abilities, positive aspects, cosmetics) of one particular of the most well-liked towers of the game

Tower Defense Simulator Commando – Essential Details

The Commando unit has the best DPS in the game and can only be attained by beating the Location 51 Function, listed here you can look at his stats:

  • Coin Charge: Beting the Region 51 event
  • Beginning Expense: $1,80
  • Destruction: 2
  • Weapon: 2 place lasers
  • Form: Floor
  • Assortment: 8
  • DPS: 4 DPS
  • Provide Rate: From $450 to $8,087

If you want to stage this unit to max you will have to have $32,350. Its really pricey, but after maxed, the damage is wonderful.

So if you have to have some assistance with the upgrades you can also check out the active codes right here, there are a lot of benefits that will help you.

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Tower Defense Simulator Commando – Upgrades

There are 5 upgrades, and with each of them you will improve Commando’s stats:

Radio (level 1)

  • Expense: $350
  • Gains: +1 Problems (3), +2 Variety (10), Radio (beauty) and also +$97 Offer Cost ($537)

Rocket Launcher (level 2)

  • Charge: $700
  • Advantages: +2 Selection (12), Rocket Launcher (weapon) and also +$213 Offer Price tag ($750)

Raider Armor (level 3)

  • Price tag: $2,000
  • Rewards: +4 Problems (7), +1 Selection (13), Raid Armor (Cosmetic) and also +$462 Promote Price ($1,212)

Quad Launcher (stage 4)

  • Expense: $7,500
  • Advantages: +8 Harm (15), +2 Range (15), Quad Launcher (Weapon), Room Helmet (Cosmetic and also +$1,875 Sell Value ($3,087)

Golden Commando (stage 5)

  • Value: $20,000
  • Rewards: +35 Injury (50), +4 Range (19), Gold armor and Exoflex Spax Helmex (Cosmetic) and also +$5,000 Sell Price tag ($8087)


And to end, a videoguide, with a gameplay of the new commando device

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