The Visit Game Walkthrough & Endings Guide

The Visit Game Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Welcome to The Check out Game Walkthrough & Manual, where by we will present you all the selections and tricks to achieve the maximum ranges to unlock all the scenes in the game

Listed below you will locate all jobs, tasks and occasions that can take place during the obligation and influence Jack’s tale related to the case with legislator’s residence. A few of these events supply just extra information, but you have to join the majority of them to unlock getting diamonds/the 2nd item (VHS tape) from the vault. This information can be additionally located in the walkthrough for details days.

Day 1 – The captain will certainly consult with you throughout the day and will certainly aspire to help. He can clear your name if you locate the diamonds before 3 weeks pass – that’s when he retires.

Day 2 – You will certainly be notified regarding a check out of your old coworker. See Rick’s in 607. Yablonski will certainly attempt to assist you with the case.

Day 6 – A Staff participant will tell you to contact someone from the DEA. He will certainly additionally tell you that the Staff isn’t responsible for it. You have to quickly make use of the phone booth to ensure that this chance won’t pass.

Day 9 – You will be phoned call to a remains alongside the workshop. You will swiftly learn that the dead man was the sibling of Fat Mike. Once you finish the conversation with the coroner, talk with the homeless male. He will certainly aim you to the other half of the sufferer. The woman is Miss Hooks in 615/6. She will not be able to speak with you and also will ask you to satisfy her the following day.

Day 10 – Miss Hooks won’t be home today, but you can see her the following day. Start your examination and ask all shopkeepers regarding Lester. Each of them will inform you something about him. Yablonski will want to talk to you today. Most likely to the closest phone booth. You will certainly find out that your child Dina wishes to meet you at 2 PM at the pizza area. A press reporter will certainly come there as well. She will certainly be really thinking about delivering justice to the legislator and also she will certainly provide her assistance whenever you get some details.

Day 11 – Today Miss Hooks will invite you to her level. You will learn regarding a new person that can have more details, Angie.

Day 13 – among the gangsters will certainly have some excellent news. Angie appeared in your location and also is waiting in the Pawn Shop. Talk with her and also you will certainly discover some new points. She will certainly ask you to fulfill her in two days in 633/7.

Day 15 – Go to Angie’s house at the end of the road and call 633/7. Yablonski will want to speak with you. Go to the phone cubicle as well as listen to what he has to state.

Day 16 – you will obtain a phone call to 633/7 regarding cats making sound. There you will certainly find her and her pal’s body.

Day 17 – If you call Yablonski, you will have a brand-new lead. He will inform you that he found the second intruder, whose name is Terrance. Go to Rick’s diner and use the password “Welles”. Now go to the liquor store. The Russians will certainly provide you a mathematic puzzle. The level in which you can find Terrance is 621/6. You will learn that he has the second item from the vault. It’s a video of the Senator and Angie and also their intimate relationship. He will give you the evidence for 500$ the following day in Rick’s diner.

Day 18 – Visit Rick’s restaurant to get the tape from Terrance. Check what’s on the tape in Froggy’s shop on 613.

Day 20 – Numerous people will speak with you and inform you why you must provide the tape to them.

Day 21 – In the afternoon you will have a chance to supply the tape to the person you select. At the end of the day you will view the ending.

Feasible ends:

  1. Early end – the bomb exploded, you stopped working to save the suicidal man in front of the church, you haven’t paid your debt to Froggy or just your connections with the Authorities dropped below -100.
  2. Signing up with Mob/Crew – your relations with the faction gets to +100. You must most likely to the pizza place/pawn shop and mention signing up with a team.
  3. You gather 2000$ as well as give it to the man near the pizza place to leave for Mexico. Offered because day 18 if you have adequate money.
  4. You make it through to day 21, but you do not have rubies or various other proof in the legislator’s situation. You didn’t provide the tape to anyone (regardless of if you got it or otherwise).
  5. On day 21 you offer the tape to: Crowd, Staff, Yablonski (Rick’s restaurant) or the Senator’s man (Moonwalk).

There are 21 choices and 4 doable endings: Karen Ending, Nikki & Karen Ending, Haley Ending & Group Ending. And we are going to deliver you all the answers you need to select to reach every single ending:

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The Go to Game Walkthrough & Guidebook – Karen

These are all the decisions to arrive at Karen Ending:

  • 1st selection: Any
  • 2nd decision: Any
  • 3rd choice: Convey to the truth of the matter
  • 4th option: Obtain for Karen
  • 5th decision: Any
  • 6th choice: Keep with Karen
  • 7th decision: Stay and end
  • 8th and or 9th decision: It’s not worthy of it or Don’t forgive her
  • 10th decision: Go sit back down
  • 11th option: Enjoy with her…
  • 12th preference: Does not subject
  • 13th option: Karen
  • 14th decision: –
  • 15th option: Simply call the doc
  • 16th choice: Simply cannot matters keep as they are
  • 17th alternative: Hell Certainly
  • 18th & 19th options:  Beat her or permit her acquire & What if Karen catches us
  • 20th decision: Maybe, who appreciates right
  • 21st preference: Any

The Visit Game Walkthrough & Guide – Nikki & Karen

These are all the alternatives to attain Nikki & Karen Ending:

  • 1st option: Provide to acquire her luggage
  • 2nd alternative: Notify her she looks terrific
  • 3rd decision: Inform the real truth
  • 4th option: Obtain for Nikki
  • 5th preference: Keep & Enjoy
  • 6th option: Continue to be with Karen
  • 7th preference: Stay and complete
  • 8th and or 9th option: It’s not well worth it or Don’t forgive her
  • 10th choice: Go sit back again down
  • 11th selection: Perform with her…
  • 12th preference: Doesn’t make a difference
  • 13th selection: Nikki
  • 14th choice: –
  • 15th option: Call the doc
  • 16th preference: Indeed, without having a doubt
  • 17th option: Hell Of course
  • 18th & 19th alternatives:  Defeat her or enable her gain & What if Karen catches us
  • 20th decision: Possibly, who is aware of suitable
  • 21st option: Fu*ck yes!

The Go to Game Walkthrough & Guide – Haley

These are all the alternatives to reach Haley Ending:

  • 1st selection: Any
  • 2nd decision: Any
  • 3rd option: Make up a far better tale
  • 4th preference: Acquire for Haley
  • 5th decision: Go back again to mattress
  • 6th selection: Abide by Haley
  • 7th selection: Don’t risk obtaining caught
  • 8th and or 9th decision: Chase after him
  • 10th alternative: Retain searching
  • 11th choice: Use your…
  • 12th choice: Does not make a difference
  • 13th selection: Haley
  • 14th option: –
  • 15th alternative: N/A
  • 16th selection: Both
  • 17th alternative: No
  • 18th & 19th selections:  Allow her gain & You are suitable let’s…
  • 20th alternative: Of study course
  • 21st preference: Any

Group Ending

These are all the choices to reach Group Ending:

  • 1st choice: Supply to just take her baggage
  • 2nd preference: Inform her she seems to be good
  • 3rd alternative: Make up a far better tale
  • 4th selection: Any
  • 5th selection: Stay & observe
  • 6th alternative: Remain with Karen
  • 7th option: Remain & end
  • 8th and or 9th selection: Chase following him
  • 10th choice: Go sit back down
  • 11th selection: Engage in with her…
  • 12th option: Does not matter
  • 13th option: Karen
  • 14th preference: –
  • 15th choice: N/A
  • 16th option: Of course, without a doubt
  • 17th selection: Hell yes
  • 18th & 19th decisions:  Permit her win & You are appropriate let’s…
  • 20th selection: Of course
  • 21st selection: Fu*ck sure!

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