The Spellbook Walkthrough & Guide

The Spellbook Walkthrough & Guide

The Spellbook Walkthrough

Welcome to The Spellbook Walkthrough & Guidebook, exactly where we will supply you all the alternatives and insider secrets to achieve the highest amounts to unlock all the scenes in the game

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The Spellbook Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  • Wait (she will hug you) or shout (she will include)
  • Really do not do it (Adore Route) or Do it (Sharing route)
  • No, I need to test on Jack (Adore Route) or Alright, I guess… (Sharing route)
  • Let her slumber (will stop the occasion) or Wake her up (smaller scene)

The Spellbook Walkthrough – Chapter 2

  • Sophisticated (Enjoy Route scene) or Ehmmm… (Sharing route scene)
  • Ehmmm (Love Route scene) or Talk to Michael (Sharing route scene)
  • F*ck off David or Ok…i’m listening (scene)
  • Assault them (superior) or Call the cops
  • Whisky (will conclude the episode) or Mojito (will continue on the episode)
  • Get her (improved – Like Route scene) or help her (will stop the episode)
  • Near the door (greater) or leave it open
  • Go on (far better) or Don’t Speak

The Spellbook Walkthrough – Chapter 3

  • Yeah Absolutely sure or Nice (doesn’t make any difference)
  • Check out (scene) or Go to your space (you will miss the scene)
  • Conservative (Appreciate Route) or Revealing (Sharing route)
  • Revealing (Sharing route)
    • Interrupt them (will conclude the celebration) or Really don’t (the event will go on)
    • Move (will close the scene) or Remain (the scene will go on)
  • Conservative (Really like Route)
    • Halt him (really do not decide on it) or Never (choose this a single)
    • Correct or Lie (doesn’t issue

Biggest preference so much (Conserve here): Gimme my bit…(Enjoy Route) or Hell Yeah! Take me to… (Sharing route)

Adore Route Endings

The Spellbook Walkthrough & Manual – Adore Route Endings

  • Go to Aria or Look at on Nancy (Preserve and participate in them both)

Appreciate Route Ending Option:

  • No you will Stay ( Kelly Ending, just development to access it)
  • Alright (Aria and Nancy Endings)
  • If the previous selection was Okay:
    • To start with choose Aria or Nancy for a smaller scene, but the ultimate choice arrives afterwards:
    • Humm? Who is there > Aria Ending
    • I’m also worn out > Nancy Ending
    • What a hell is this noise? Ending with both of those

Sharing Route Endings

The Spellbook Walkthrough & Tutorial – Sharing Route Endings

  • Sure (will keep on the function) or No (will conclusion it)
  • Slap him (celebration with Jack) or Tell him to quit (party with David)

Sharing Route Ending Selection:

  • Intervene and halt this: Will conclude the sharing route
  • Observe.. you kinda like where is going: Very best Sharing route ending
  • You loathe this but you froze: Negative Sharing route ending
  • Aff ok or go f*ck yourself (improved):
  • Demonstrate him, you are not kidding or Whisper him to prevent (occasion with David)

Check out.. you kinda like the place is heading Route:

  • Of course! I want to consume it all! (sharing route scene) or No! I imagine I want far more the white stuff…
  •  Stop, I really don’t wanna… (reward scene, superior) or F*ck it I need to…

You detest this but you froze Route:

  • Indeed! I want to drink it all! (sharing route scene) or No! I think I require extra the white stuff…
  • So, is the undesirable ending for the reason that you pass up the past scene

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