The golden leaves in Zelda Links Awakening

The golden leaves in Zelda Links Awakening

The golden leaves in Zelda Links Awakening

We explain the locations of the 5 Gold Leaves in Zelda Links Awakening so you can give them to Richard and get a piece of heart

Gold Sheets at Zelda Links Awakening – Introduction

One of the main quests of the game will ask you to find 5 Golden Leaves. If you find them and give them to Richard, you will get one pieces of heart

The golden leaves are in the castle and you will need some bombs, so stop by the village store before, if you haven't already.

Gold Sheets at Zelda Links Alarm – Locations

As we expected, all the golden leaves are in the castle, though we specify their locations:

  • 1st Gold Card: Enter the castle and kill the enemies of the first room, you will get the first gold card when you clear the room
  • Second Gold Sheet: Go up and down the stairs, in the upper room you will see two bombs on the wall below. From the point to the left will come an enemy, carrying the 2nd gold leaf
  • Gold leaf: Located in the courtyard of the castle. Although you have to kill the knight who drops bombs from the holes
  • 4th gold leaf: It has the raven next to the tree. Put him on a rock to get his attention and kill him.
  • 5th Golden Leaf: It's behind the locked doors on the 2nd floor of the castle. Throw a pot and kill the mini-boss inside, your shield can block his attacks, but be careful when pushing him back.

Now that you have the 5 gold leaves, take them to Richard to give you the heart piece

Video guide

In case you are in any doubt with any of the 5 gold cards, we leave you with a gameplay where you can see how to get them all:

We hope your guide has helped you and you have already received the 5 gold leaf

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