The end to the little misfortune – good and bad

The end to the little misfortune – good and bad

Finals at Little Misfortune

We explain how to reach the final 2 in a little misfortune, good or true and bad or normal. It all depends on your decisions, but we explain which decisions matter

This guide contains spoilers, so if you don't want to spoil the game, don't keep reading. If we explain how to get to the finals, it is inevitable that we will discover something you have not yet discovered:

Minor Misfortune Finals – Bad or Normal

In the game you have to make decisions and, as you may have already assumed, to make the bad end you have to make the bad decisions, avoid making the right decisions. Next to the cave there is a tree with 16 shiny fragments and if you do not put together the 16 fragments and reach the end you will have achieved the evil end.

If you do not know the good end, you may not get a bad end result. Death accepts the protagonist in the cave and the end result is a bit annoying, but it should not be considered bad.

Oh, and you'll get an achievement, that of completing the game, which in English is Somewhere Else, something like "Somewhere Else"

Finals in Little Misfortune – Good or True

Well, quite the opposite, we are doing everything right, which translates to putting the 16 light shards on the tree. In case you don't know where to get them, here is the 16 locations.

Now that you can compare, you will see that the end is clearly better. The bright fragments of the tree represent happiness, which is transmitted to our protagonist's mother, removes the mask and lives happily without it and without restoring it.

If the end may have a different interpretation, the achievement you unlock specifies:

  • Eternal Happiness: Give eternal happiness to your mother.

So, although the first one didn't seem like a very bad end, there are only 2 and clearly the second end is better.

Video of the finals

If you've read this point, it's because you have little attention to spoilers, and it's worth noting that you have SPOILERS in the video:

  • Bad End: from 0:00
  • Final Good: from minute 3:14

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