The Doomsday Guide to the Last Survival of the Shelter

The Doomsday Guide to the Last Survival of the Shelter

Murder at the last survivor of the shelter

Welcome to the Doomsday Guide to Survival Last Shelter Survival, which we hope will help you understand and learn more from this event.

For issues not related to DoomsDay, here is the guide and tricks from Last Shelter

Doomsday in Survival Last Shelter – Goals

As a summary you should do this in Doomsday, though we will explain each section later

  • Honorable Mention: Collection of lands and also parity of buildings
  • Effect: Soil recording
  • Contribution Value: Donate stone and also contribute to Doomsday
  • Specialty unlock: Get resources, build and fight

Murder at Last Survival – Alliance Center

In order to build an alliance center, all members of the alliance must give stone.

Only the leaders of the alliance, R4 or R5 can be manufactured the center of alliances

Alliance centers give bonus in battle phase:

  • Alliance Center 1: Bonus + 50%
  • Alliance Center 2: + 70% bonus

Manufacturing Strategies – Alliance Center

  • Honorary Structures: Try to place Guard Forces near the center of the alliance, as they are the most durable
  • Bases: Place bases around the center of the alliance, as the enemy cannot occupy these areas
  • Resource Areas: The same, it excludes the enemy, it can not understand
  • Other friendly alliances or farms: The same, if another alliance occupies space, blocks the enemy

Doomsday to the last survival of the shelter – buildings of honor

First, in order to be able to build them, to build the End of Day Institute, then you can build:

  • Virus Institute: Provides immunity to venom and allows you to record higher level areas
  • Battle Command Board: Power Bonus on Land Capture
  • Treatment Plant: Allows you to process contaminated materials into resources and need them to upgrade your honor buildings while producing regular resources
  • Guard Fortress: Resistance bonus when capturing terrain

Flat on honor buildings

  • Virus Institute: Composites, oil and iron
  • Control panel: Composite materials, oil and also wood
  • Treatment plant: Virus samples, crops and also water
  • Guard Fortress: Composite materials, food and also iron

Doomsday in Survival Last Shelter – Territories

  • Abandoned farm: Food crops and also virus samples
  • Empty space: Food crops and also virus samples (in smaller quantities)
  • Forest: Mutant wood for wood production and also virus samples
  • Mine: iron ore for the production of iron and also composite materials
  • Oilfield: Fossil fuels for the production of petroleum and composite materials
  • Contaminated Water: Contaminated water for the production of water and composite materials

Use your army to occupy these territories, collect resources and upgrade your honorary buildings. At the same time you will gain stone, honor points and of course hero experience. Although you will lose troops and have to heal them at the virus institute

How many territories can be occupied?

First of all, the first time you occupy an area is 20 minutes of protection and no one can take it away from you

  • Soil capacity (in your state): See last day Institute, download 1 area per day
  • Territory Capacity (in other states): First occupies territory in another state during Alliance Duel. From there you can return to this state to occupy more territory. It's one of the easiest ways to get price and specialty points, as well as expansion tickets that can increase your local capacity.

Murder in the last survivor of the shelter – Specialty

You get landmarks that occupy territories and level buildings, so that you increase your price level and each time you raise a level, you have a special theme. So we give you recommendations to spend on:

  • Construction (blue): It allows you to build more value buildings, so we recommend starting here, at least until you have 4 rows of buildings, then you can redistribute points for other specialties
  • Resources (Green) Allows you to increase the ability of the area, the value and experience of your hero. That's why we recommend this specialty second
  • Combat lets you understand higher-level areas

Day of death in the last survivor of the shelter – Fight

Battle tips

We give you many tips for fighting other alliances:

  • Do not leave areas occupied by enemy alliances near the center of the alliance.
  • Use missiles to clear enemy bases
  • Check the durability of the APC, when finished, you will not be able to fight
  • Use defense and attack bonuses
  • Hospitals: You have room for at least 50% of the intestines
  • Advanced teleportation: You have at least 3
  • Resources: They will need to heal troops in order to have good stocks of food, iron and oil
  • Healing accelerators: Don't miss either.

Degree of battle

  • Destroy buildings of value: x500
  • Destroy Alliance Centers: x10,000
  • Occupy enemy areas: Level 1 1 point, up to level 16 45 points


The first tip is to get to the race with 100 APC stamina, but the important thing is to know how to get through it.

If, for example, you occupy a level 1 territory, you will spend 30 years of endurance, nothing is recommended because the profitability is very low. On the other hand, even if you spend 100 stamina when destroying a building of honor, you will earn x500, which is well worth it.

The summary is that you are studying the profitability of your attacks, because otherwise you will be left without maneuver and you will earn points.

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