Take the sword at Zelda Links Awakening – also the shield

Take the sword at Zelda Links Awakening – also the shield

Zelda Sword Links Awakening

We explain how to get the Sword in Zelda Links Awakening, but also the Shield, because when you wake up you will have neither weapons nor what to protect yourself and is the first thing you need to take

Once you get started, you'll be completely unprotected, you'll need to find both the sword and the shield, so explain:

Take the sword at Zelda Links Awakening – Shield

Even if you prefer to start with the blows, the first thing is to get the shield to protect yourself.

You will wake up at the home of Marin and Tarin, through the village of Mabe. And the first thing to do is ask Marino for the sword, then talk to Tarin and he'll give you the shield.

Get the sword at Zelda Links Awakening – Sword

Now you can go for the sword:

Go to the library, which is on the left side of the village of Mabe. Once there, go down the stairs until you reach the sandy shores of Toronbo (on the Toronbo coast).

Once on the beach on the Toronbo Coast, you'll find out why the shield went first. Since there will be some Octoroks and sea urchins that welcome you, you will need to protect yourself with your shield. So cover yourself with the shield and move right until you come across the sword. Just then an owl will appear and tell you to go into the mysterious forest, where you can now access armed and protected.

Video guide

Finally we leave you with a video guide with your first steps in The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening. And as the first thing to do is get the sword and the shield will obviously be the first thing you see:

Now that you have your sword and shield, you can look for greater challenges. So don't miss any of the Zelda Links Awakening = Here

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