Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Okita

Welcome to Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Route & Walkthrough, where by we will offer you all the measures to unlock all the scenes obtainable

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Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Needs

  • Charisma 7 and also Intelligence 8
  • Learn Important: Principal Smith’s office

Summertime Saga Ms Okita – Walkthrough

Keycode, lenses & Belt – Ms Okita’s route

  • Go to the science course to satisfy Ms Okita
  • Next day go again to the course, and Okita will talk to you for a keycode. Go to Principal Smith’s office in the afternoon and choose the notice inside of the desk, then use the code (6219) in Ms Okita’s workplace doorway. Discover Konterina, choose the blueprints, the lab coat and the security glasses, and give everyhing to Ms Okita
  • Uncover Okita, she wishes her lenses, then chat to Judith and take her invitation (park afternoon). But go to her locker (COW) and open up it with the grasp essential, just take the eyeglasses and talk with Ms Okita, total the glasses and observe her to her office environment.
  • Future day go stop by Ms Okita, the okitatron belt demands a faptic engine. Uncover June in the laptop or computer lab, she will hepl you with the engine. The speak to Erik (science course), he will aid you with the Learn Blaster. Climb up the treehouse guiding his residence, get the controler and give it to June, then give the faptic engine to Okita. Deal with the belt and see what comes about

Closing Experiment & Scene – Ms Okita’s route

  • Hold out 3 days and go to the science course, immediately after some conversations Okita talk to you for 5 components:
    • Mushroom: Forest > evening > in the clearing
    • Toad: Forest > night > Outside the house the cave
    • Flower: Forest > evening > within the cave
    • Stock: Following day > Mall > Consum R > Acquire the Hen stock
    • Luminiscent Flower: Afternoon > Principal Smith’s workplace > Encourage Annie > Inside the trash
  • When you have almost everything convey to Ms Okita, wait till the evening and go to her workplace, do your finest and make 2 serums:
    • Blue: Flower, Principal Smith’s DNA and also hen stock
    • Pink: Toad, mushroom and also …
  • Up coming working day go to the teacher’s lounge in the morning and include the serum in the espresso, go to communicate to Ms Okita and hold out 3 times
  • Go to the science class, and in the evening go to ms Okita’s workplace for your remaining scene

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