Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt

Welcome to Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Route & Walkthrough, where by we will deliver you all the methods to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Needs

You just need the Learn Essential, and you can come across it in Principal Smith’s workplace

Summertime Saga Ms Dewitt – Walkthrough

Flute – Ms Dewitt’s route

  • Go to the new music class to satisfy Ms Dewitt
  • Upcoming day go to the music class she will request you for enable, but you need to have an instrument. Glimpse for Judith (left hallway) and question her about the flute. Open up Judith’s locker (COW) with the master important and get the flute. As you can see, you need a new a person
  • Go to Raven Hill and choose the stick (on the floor), then go to your garage, take the drill (shelf) and do your very best in the workbench. When you end go converse to Ms Dewitt

Volunteers – Ms Dewitt’s route

  • Eve: Future day go to the new music course, you will have to find 2 volunteers. 1st tal to Eve, then meet up with her and Erik in Erik’s Basement in the night where you have to acquire a minigame
  • Kevin: subsequent working day chat to Kevin at the cafeteria, he requires a guitar. Convince Erik to exchange Mr Johson’s guitar. Just take the wooden planks from the treehouse and discover the paint. Initial consider in your garage, then inquire Debbie and lastly question Diane. Now you can get the paint from diane’s back garden. Go to your garage, use the workbench, and switch the guitar in Erik’s basement. Subsequent working day give the guitar to kevin and tell Ms Dewitt

Concert & Ending – Ms Dewitt’s route

  • Up coming working day go to the songs course, then to the auditorium, and then to Principal Smith’s office environment to locate the culprits seeking by means of the keyhole. Chat to Ms Dewitt, and in the night go to the park to talk to Eve, Chad… Go to fulfill Erik at his property and discuss him about beer, then get the beer case (basement)
  • Future day go to the auditorium > tunes class > Auditorium > Ms Dewitt Place of work
  • The day just after, go to the new music class and satisfy Eve and Kevin there, then go to the science course. Check with Erik for support, and in the evening meet him yet again in front of the faculty property. Follow the robed individuals (left hallway), and go to the Principal Smith’s office environment (3rd ground), be evil
  • Following day go to the Principal Smith’s office environment, then join your band at the auditorium
  • Just after the live performance, go to discuss to Ms Dewitt (audio class), and in the evening go to her business for the last scene

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