Summertime Saga June – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga June – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga June

Welcome to Summertime Saga June – Route & Walkthrough, in which we will give you all the measures to unlock all the scenes available

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Summertime Saga June – Needs

  • Dexterity 5 and also Charisma 5
  • At least $1,350
  • A library membership and also a functioning pc

Summertime Saga June – Walkthrough

Mrs Johnson’s route – June’s ending

June’s ending is an optional or alternative ending from Mrs Johnson’s route. So you have to development as a result of Mrs Johnson’s route untill you make your mind up to obtain a girlfriend for Erik or not. Then you have to make a choice, if you find a girlfriend for Erik you will get 1 ending with Mrs Johnson. But if you don’t come across a girlfriend for Erik you can get the June’s ending

How to get June’s ending?

When you have to decide on involving sex schooling or discover a girlfriend, select uncover a girlfriend, from there:

  • In the night check with Erik about his suitable girlfriend
  • Upcoming day go to the laptop or computer room and question June about class. Below you have to pick out, and for June’s ending, of class: Maintain the gamer lady for on your own.
  • Go away the college, come again and discuss to Erik. Then look for June and inquire her to hold out. In the night go to your room, help June with the ultimate boss, and answer Bork time! It’s incredibly hot.
  • Next day buy the Orcette Queen Garments (Mall > Comic Retail outlet), and give it to June. In the evening go to your room and appreciate the scene

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