Summertime Saga Jenny – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Jenny – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Jenny

Welcome to Summertime Saga Jenny – Route & Walkthrough, the place we will provide you all the techniques to unlock all the scenes accessible

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Summertime Saga Jenny – Needs

  • Intelligence 5 and also Strenght 7
  • Money: At minimum $2,060
  • A performing pc

Summertime Saga Jenny – Walkthrough

Very first Techniques – Jenny’s route

  • Spy Jenny when she is getting a shower in the early morning
  • Future day afternoon go downstairs and spy her speaking about her fiscal situation
  • Wait around 2 days and have a breakfast with her (dining room)
  • Hold out 2 times, go to the upstairs hallway and shell out her silence with $100
  • Immediately after 3 times have yet another breakfast with her and enable factors materialize
  • Future day go to her place (morning) and obtain her diary (mattress), read it, and test to steal her panties, you can see the pics if you pay back
  • Wait 3 days and have an additional breakfast with her, concur she is scorching and comply with her to her place.
  • Soon after 2 days she will appear to your room. Then go to Hillside shopping mall > Pink, and invest in her the toy she wants. Give it to her (afternoon)
  • Hold out 2 days and Jenny and Debbie are conversing in the kitchen, the respond to is up to you
  • Following working day satisfy Jenny in the entrance, go to the shopping mall with right here and obtain the blue & white dildo
  • Following working day go through jenny’s journal and go to her area when she is in the shower, check out the laptop computer (go: Lousy Monster), and open up CAMslut, click on remote obtain and connect both desktops. Do the same in your computer system and appreciate the videos.
  • Immediately after 3 times you will have a new movie (pc), obtain the inexperienced dildo at Pink and give it to Jenny in the afternoon
  • Future day you will have a new video
  • Soon after 2 days meet up with Jenny in the dining room (early morning), communicate with Cedric about Jenny at the health club, and then speak to Jenny.
  • Immediately after 3 days, in the night, get out of your bedroom and locate Jenny
  • Nex working day (early morning) use the telescope. Hold out for the afternoon and go to her bed room, then go to Cosmic Cumics (shopping mall) and locate the duplicate of Pink Cyclone mask. Go again to Jenny’s bedroom

Scenes – Jenny’s route

  • Up coming working day (afternoon) go to Jenny’s space, and the day following, in the morning, meet up with Jenny in the dining space
  • Immediately after 2 times, in the night, obtain Jenny in the living space. Delight in the scene, and you have also unlocked Pink Channel on the Television (person: L6BV12R, pass: 12345)
  • Subsequent day Jenny will wake you up, and in the afternoon you will go to her bedroom for far more scenes.
  • Satisfy her future working day at breakfast
  • Following day use the telescope once more to inspire Jenny
  • Following day go to the dining room to fulfill her. The aged cheerleader uniform is in the attic, the smaller key in the entrance and the stool in the garage. No you can open the trapdoor (hallway) and give her all the things she demands. But be carefull, never make her pregnant
  • Saturday, go to the entrance, then to the backyard, and in the afternoon use the tickets to satisfy Jenny at the cinema, wait untill night time for other scene.
  • Subsequent day jenny will be in the dining area, and you will have extra scenes in the shower
  • Hold out 3 days and converse with Jenny in the hallway (early morning)
  • Subsequent working day early morning, read her diary, then purchase her a necklace (Mall > Cupid) and wait for the night time for a lot more scenes

Summertime Saga Jenny – Reward Scenes

  • Breakfast: Fulfill her future working day, in the morning, for breakfast
  • Jenny’s Bed room: Go to her bed room for extra scenes
  • Pool: Saturday early morning obtain her at the pool for additional scenes

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