Summertime Saga Diane – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Diane – Route & Walkthrough

Summertime Saga Diane

Welcome to Summertime Saga Diane – Route & Walkthrough, in which we will present you all the ways to unlock all the scenes obtainable

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Summertime Saga Diane – Needs

$400, Toughness 2 and also a library subscription

Summertime Saga Diane – Walkthrough

Performing in the Backyard – Diane’s route

  • Go to Diane’s home > Diane’s backyard, Diane’s shovel is damaged, so go to your garage and acquire yours. Then aid her in the back garden, keep the cucumbers, eggplants, carrots and corns
  • Hold out 3 days and go to her backyard garden again, immediately after she presents you the shipping adhere to Maria to the storage home, then go back again to the garden
  • Wait around a further 3 times and go to her back garden once more, you have to lift the wheelbarrow
  • Next working day, go to the yard, choose Diane to her bed room and provide her a glass of h2o (kitchen area)
  • Subsequent working day go to Diane’s home and clean her backyard garden, take out almost everything, then go to her bed room. You have to obtain the Bug Annihilator Spray (Mall > Consum-R) and clean up the backyard yet again.
  • The next day go to Diane’s household, go to the kitchen and get what you want from the garden.
  • The day after converse to Diane in the yard, and give her the instrument she wants (kitchen area counter)

Supply person – Diane’s route

  • Wait around 3 days and go to Diane, choose the milk cartons (lose) and give them to Lucy (daycare), go to Diane’s bedroom and go away the cash
  • Wait 2 days and go to Diane’s backyard garden, then fulfill Debbie in the evening in your dwelling and give the pie to Diane, she is in the drop
  • Future day go to Diane’s backyard and perform for her. Go to the drop and use the milk pump on the storage jug. Then make a cocktail for her, the recipe is in the kitchen area. Then go to the back garden and at last utilize sunscreen on her again
  • Up coming working day meet up with Diane in ther yard
  • Right after 2 times go to the back garden and then to the shed for a scene. If you go to the shed once again in the evening you will have a different scene
  • Following working day spy Diane and Debbie in the Kitchen area
  • Future day meet up with Diane and she will talk to you for one more supply. The milk cartons are in the drop, the go to the University > Principal Smith’s workplace > cafeteria, and go back with Diane

Dwelling Collectively – Diane’s route

  • The up coming day acquire a sea trout (Pier > Captain Terry) and go to the kitchen
  • The future day Diane request you for aid, she requirements to construct a barn. Go to Annie’s household, involve the carpenter, take the hammer and the handsaw, end your work and go back again with Diane
  • Soon after 1 7 days, go to the kitchen, and then to the barn, exactly where Richard offers you a component of a statue. Buy a milk jug (Mall > Consum-R, discuss to Jane at the library and consider the Breeder information, ultimately give every thing to Diane
  • After 2 days, in the night, go to the dwelling area, then to your mattress.
  • Upcoming working day, go to the kitchen, then to the barn, go to the clinic. In the rest room (2nd ground) you have an optional scene, then go back again to the property entrance and chat to Diane.
  • Following 2 times meet Diane, go to the Pink shop, take Ivy’s offer, and give it to her. Be carefull in this step, never make her expecting

Summertime Saga Diane – Bonus Scene

You have an optional scene with Diane & Debbie, but it requires owning arrived at large amounts of intimacy for the duration of Debbie‘s route

  • Go to the landslady’s bedroom in the evening, after a dialogue go again to your bed room, acknowledge Debbie’s invitation, and last but not least go to the kitchen future early morning

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