Summertime Saga Consuela – Step by Step Guide

Summertime Saga Consuela – Step by Step Guide

Shanghai Summer Consuela

We show you how to get all Summertime Saga Consuela scenes and if you follow our guide you will also unlock scenes with Consuela


You must have at least:

  • Characteristics 7
  • 1,000 turkeys
  • After buying the beach house for 5,000 turkeys

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Summertime Saga Consuela – Rump Mansion

  • Go to the Rump Mansion in the afternoon, requires charisma 7. Follow the employee and after some scenes and presentations hide under the bed, though you will end up meeting Melonia
  • The next day he returns to the mansion in the morning and talks to Melonia. In the afternoon (in the afternoon) talk to the gardener (Ricky) in the backyard
  • Go to the mall, the pink shop and talk to Ivy, buy the Thobot robot for 1,000 turkeys. Wait 2 days to get the package with the robot and take it to Consuela (Rump Mansion)

Summertime Saga Consuela – Work

  • On Sunday morning meet Consuela on the sidewalk of the mall, should help him find a job
    • First go to church and talk to Father Keeves, wait a day and talk to him again
    • Then try your luck at school, go with Consuela
    • Finally try it in the Hospital
  • Allow a week to go, go to the beach house and sleep in bed on the second floor. The next day, Consuela and Martínez will visit you.
  • The next day you go to see Consuela in the kitchen and look at her
  • A week later he sees her again in the kitchen in the afternoon (afternoon)

Summertime Saga Consuela – Scenes

  • Allow another week to pass and when you wake up you will have a scene with Martínez
  • And the next day, yes, the scenes arrive with ease


If you choose the pregnancy option, wait a week, you will receive a text message and you will have to go to the beach house. At the same time you will receive another message and you can go to meet your son at the hospital. Allow another three weeks and everything will be back to normal with Consuela.

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