Stellaris Ethic Key ID List

Stellaris Ethic Key ID List

Stellaris Ethic Key ID ids

Welcome to the Stellaris Ethic Essential ID Checklist, you will discover all the Ethic Keys and their ids, and we will show you how to use them (console instructions & cheat)

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How to use the Cheat / Console Command?

You can use the IDs we are likely to offer you with 2 cheats:

  • Ethics (Change) – result shift_ethic = X: Wherever X is the ID of the Ethic
  • Ethic to a pop (insert) – incorporate_ethic_pop x y: Where x is the pop id and y the ehitc critical

Illustrations: result shift_ethic = ethic_authoritarian

If you want to look at additional cheats, go to Console Instructions.

Stellaris Ethic Important ID Checklist – Entire Record

  • Authoritarian: Ethic important or id – ethic_authoritarian
  • Fanatic Authoritarian: Ethic essential or id – ethic_fanatic_authoritarian
  • Egalitarian: Ethic important or id – ethic_egalitarian
  • Fanatic Egalitarian: Ethic essential or id – ethic_fanatic_egalitarian
  • Xenophobe: Ethic important or id – ethic_xenophobe
  • Fanatic Xenophobe: Ethic essential or id – ethic_fanatic_xenophobe
  • Xenophile: Ethic important or id – ethic_xenophile
  • Fanatic Xenophile: Ethic critical or id – ethic_fanatic_xenophile
  • Militarist: Ethic critical or id – ethic_militarist
  • Fanatic Militarist: Ethic vital or id – ethic_fanatic_militarist
  • Pacifist: Ethic crucial or id – ethic_pacifist
  • Fanatic Pacifist: Ethic critical or id – ethic_fanatic_pacifist
  • Spiritualist: Ethic critical or id – ethic_spiritualist
  • Fanatic Spiritualist: Ethic key or id – ethic_fanatic_spiritualist
  • Materialist: Ethic vital or id – ethic_materialist
  • Fanatic Materialist: Ethic key or id – ethic_fanatic_materialist
  • Neutral: Ethic key or id – ethic_neutral
  • Gestalt Consciousness: Ethic critical or id – ethic_gestalt_consciousness

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