Starbound Cheats – Console Commands

Starbound Cheats – Console Commands

Starbound Cheats console commands

Welcome to our Starbound Cheats tutorial, exactly where you can look at all the console instructions available for Computer system: Spawn objects, weapons, shields, invisibility, invincibility and extra

Starbound Cheats – How to use them?

Just open up the chat, toggle on the admin method (/admin) and type the code you want. We offer you all the codes and we also reveal you the outcome of every just one underneath

Starbound Cheats – General commands

These are the general console instructions out there in the game:

  • Admin /admin : Enables accessibility to the admin special commands, the crafting recipes, grants invisibility and invincibility and also prevents hurt or vitality losses
  • Performance Graph /toggleperf – but it’s fullscreen, so never do it whilst actively playing
  • Display screen Gravity – /gravity – Shows local gravity
  • Set Gravity – /setgravity – Sets regional gravity
  • Show Collisions– /packing containers – but requires debug mode
  • Unlock all Techs –/clearboxes
  • Permit Debug Manner – /debug
  • Product information – /itemid
  • Improve Nickname – /nick
  • Several hours performed – /played – but just for the current character
  • PvP – /pvp – It doesn’t operate anymore
  • Reload regional belongings – /reload
  • Reload remote property – /serverreload
  • Get Naked – /bare: The character takes off the garments
  • Show Hunger – /showhunger
  • Car Destroy you – /suicides
  • Demonstrate stats – /stadistics: But now only displays the selection of kills

Starbound Cheats – Product commands

These are the product console commands obtainable in the game:

  • Weapon Spawn – /spawngun [level] [type]: This cheat doesn’t operate anymore
  • Merchandise Spawn – /spawnitem [item id] [quantity]: Obtendremos el líquido que indiquemos en la cantidad que decidamos.
  • IA Spawn – /spawnAI: This cheat doesn’t function anymore
  • NPC Spawn – /spawnnpc [specie] [type]: But if you just type /spawnnpc, degree and form will be random
  • Protect Spawn – /spawnshield [level] [type]: But if you just type /spawnshield, stage and sort will be random
  • Sword Spawn – /spawnsword  [level] [type]: But if you just type /spawnsword, level and style will be random
  • Liquid Spawn – /spawnliquid [liquid id] [quantity]
  • Monster Spawn – /spawnmonster [level] [param]
  • Treasure Spawn – /spawntreasure <treasure id> [level]

Videoguide – Spawn Products

This online video from the youtuber Udisen is a manual to spawn objects devoid of mods. So if you have any question just check out it: out?v=cTwBMw0bnNY

Hope you delight in the cheats and the console instructions

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