Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Full List

Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Full List

Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

All about Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the full listing of Spells, the consequences and the actions for every one, and also the most important totally free sources of energy

Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How to use spells?

You have to trace the Glyphs in the time provided. The time and the accuracy can change dependent on the menace level, but the motion does not improve. So we supply you underneath the consequences and the movements for every spell out there in the game

Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Comprehensive Record


The Spell Accio Summons and item in the direction of the caster

accio spell


The Spell Aguamenti generates a drinkable jet of drinking water from the wand

aguamenti spell


The Spell Alohomora unlocks a focus on like home windows, doorways, etcetera

alohomora spell

Arresto Momentum

The Spell Arresto Momentum slows down the target

arresto momentum spell


The Spell Bombarda tends to make a very little explosion, beneficial to open home windows or sealed doorways

bombarda spell

Fight Bolt

The Spell Overcome Bolt summons an electrical assault

combat bolt spell


The Spell Diffindo cuts everything that can be cutted

diffindo spell


The Spell Ebublio tends to make a Bubble trap for the goal

ebublio spell

Expecto Patronum

The Spell Expecto Patronum is the only protection versus Dementors

expecto patronum spell


The Spell Finite complete every single easier ongoing spell and jinx

finite spell


The Spell Flipendo is an offensive spell that also knocks again the goal

flipendo spell


The Spell Incendio starts off a fireplace

incendio spell

Meteolojinx Recanto

The Spell Meteolojinx Recanto can cease the temperature outcomes

meteolojinx recanto spell


The Spell Riddikulus Forces a Boggart to assume a kind humorous to the caster.

riddikulus spell


Use the Spell Herbivicous to maximize the harvest when you are ready at the greenhouse for a plant to increase

herbivicous spell

Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Strength

The energy doesn’t refresh over time, but of training course you can get strength. You can purchase it, but you can also get it for absolutely free:

  • Inns: Up to 10 spell energy every pay a visit to with a cooldown of 5 minutes
  • Greenhouses: Is a single of the random benefits
  • Day-to-day benefits: Is one of the benefits for daily login and also for finishing the day-to-day tasks

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