Shenron’s wishes at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Shenron’s wishes at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Shenron's wishes at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Shenron’s wishes in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – How to get the 7 dragon balls, how to make a wish and all Shenron’s wishes were explained

How to get the 7 Dragon Balls at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

If you want to call Shenron and make a wish, the first thing you need is to have the 7 Dragon Balls in your possession and for that:

1- Go down in history until you complete the Frieza or Frieza Saga epic (the second epic). Since before its completion, dragon balls can not be found simply.

2- Go to the world map and look for areas that have an orange dragon ball icon. Locations are not fixed, so we cannot give them. But expanding the map will not cost you to find them. Of course, even if you see a dragon ball icon, keep in mind that there are 1 or more in this area, so there may be many.

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Shenron’s wishes at Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Shenron’s Wishes – How Do They Work?

Once you have the 7 dragon balls in your possession, go to the start or pause menu> dragon balls and select your wish.

As you can see, after making the wish, you have lost or consumed all your dragon balls. Now, to order another, you need to find them again. Wait 20 minutes and look for them again on the world map.

Shenron’s Wishes – Full entry

  • Fight the boss of your choice: It allows you to play more complex battles
    • Fight Raditz: Level 32 seeks to defeat Raditz (also unlocks Raditz emblem)
    • Fight Nappa: Level 32 seeks to defeat Nappa (also unlocks the Nappa emblem)
    • Fight Dodoria: Level 32 seeks to defeat Dodoria (also unlocks Dodoria’s emblem)
    • Fight Zarbon: Level 32 appears to defeat Zarbon (also unlocks the Zarbon emblem)
    • Fight Ginyu Force: Level 32 seeks to defeat Ginyu Force (also unlocks Ginyu Force emblem)
  • I want Orbs Z! – gives you a Z Orbs bundle of any color: 10k Green Orbs, 10k Red Orbs, 10k Blue Orbs and 10k Rainbow Orbs. With Orbs Z you can unlock and improve special attacks
  • I want to be rich! – You will get a lot of money = 30k Zeni. And with money or zeni you can buy materials from traders marked on the map
  • I want rare items! – Lots of stars, water for normal and above waking up. Rare objects are very difficult to find or take away, but they are very useful, as you can make vehicles with them later, in Cell Saga, the third.

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