Rocket League Keyboard Controls & Pro Settings

Rocket League Keyboard Controls & Pro Settings

Rocket League Keyboard Controls

Rocket League Keyboard Controls: The Default Pc Controls, some Pro Configurations and also a brief tutorial to rebind and strengthen your settings

Down below are the default essential bindings for the keyboard controls, mouse controls, and gamepad controls in the game, Rocket League. The keybindings might be modified from the Major Menu. See also the Rocket League Promo Codes and how to redeem them

Rocket League Keyboard Controls – Default Personal computer

These are the Default Computer Keyboard controls:

  • Speed up – X
  • Reverse – S
  • Steer – A, D
  • Jump – Mouse correct button
  • Enhance – Mouse still left button
  • Powerslide – Left Change
  • Skip Replay – Mouse left button
  • Air Steer and Pitch – W, A, S, D
  • Air Roll – Left Change
  • Aim on ball – Place
  • Rear Check out – Mouse Wheel
  • Scoreboard – Tab
  • Voice Chat – F
  • Skip tunes track – N
  • Text Chat – T
  • Staff Text Chat – Y
  • Reset Shot – Back Place
  • Save Replay – Back again Area (Maintain)
  • Use Product – R
  • Seize Screenshot – F12
  • Info – Crew (Quick Chat) – 1 (*)
  • Compliments (Speedy Chat) – 2 (*)
  • Reactions (Fast Chat) – 3 (*)
  • Apologies (Brief Chat) – 4 (*)
  • Write-up Game (Fast Chat) – 1 (*)

(*) You can adjust your brief chat messages from the Choices menu > Chat

Rocket League Keyboard Controls – Professional Settings

If you want to check out other options, experience free to try these from youtuber Yukeo: out?v=C_Svs_s8Wjs

Work actually excellent, hope you get pleasure from these configurations

Fortnite Keyboard Controls – How to Rebind?

From the Most important Menu > Controls > Perspective / Change bindings

At the time there very first click on on the essential you want to rebind and then on the essential you want to sure.

If you however have any doubt, look at this online video from the youtuber FluuMP. You will see how to rebind and also a pro keyboard controls options:

If you want Extra Keyboard Controls Guides

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