Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Characters Guide

Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Characters Guide

Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Characters

Welcome to our Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Characters Tutorial, exactly where we will demonstrate you how to unlock each and every character in the game.

If you play Risk of Rain 2 on Personal computer, you can also unlock each character utilizing the cheats

Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Figures – Commando

Commando is the default character, so you dont require to unlock him


The Huntress is just one of the best figures to unlock. You just want to beat 3 concentrations in a row and you will be able to perform with her. But get in head that if you use a blue portal to entire just one level, wont depend.

Danger of Rain 2 Unlock Figures – MUL-T

To get MUL-T you have to full the to start with degree 5 moments, devoid of together with teleport.


To will have to apparent 7 phases in a single operate and go by means of a specific Celestial Teleporter. Obliterate by yourself at the obelisk and the Mercenary will be yours


To get the Engineer you have to beat 30 stages, but of course not in a row, so it´s a lot easier than it seems


You can unlock the Artificier shelling out lunar coins, and at minimum you need 10. The Artificier is positioned at the ice prison, in the blue product shop, but the blue product store portal spawns randomly at the close of the stages. If you dont thoughts to invest a further lunar coin, you can drive it to surface. Just shell out just one lunar coin at the Altar of Newt and the Blue Product Shop Portal will seem.


Initially you will need the Fuel Array, positioned at the back again of the fall pod you land inside of. The come across Rex on the upper stages of the Abyssal Depths, zone 4.

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