Risk of Rain 2 Cheats & Codes

Risk of Rain 2 Cheats & Codes

Welcome to the Risk of Rain 2 Cheats & Codes information, in which we will present you how to unlock each individual merchandise, character or accomplishment in the game in a few of minutes

Possibility of Rain 2 Cheats & Codes – Products

  • Uncover the folder person profiles, found in: Steamuserdata[Number]632360remoteUserProfiles
  • Edit the file with Notepad++ or Notepad
  • Research the line “”, then copy and paste as a lot of merchandise codes as you want:

Things codes whole checklist:

  • Bear: Items.Bear
  • Hoof: Goods.Hoof
  • Crowbar: Products.Crowbar
  • Medkit: Merchandise.Medkit
  • Firework Products.Firework
  • Secondary Skill Journal Products.SecondarySkillMagazine
  • Treasure Cache: Goods.TreasureCache
  • Manager Injury Reward: Objects.BossDamageBonus
  • Assault Speed on Crit: Objects.AttackSpeedOnCrit
  • Infusion: Objects.Infusion
  • Tools Journal: Merchandise.EquipmentMagazine
  • Heal on crit: Objects.HealOnCrit
  • Get rid of Elite Frenzy: Items.KillEliteFrenzy
  • Further Life: Objects.ExtraLife
  • Jump Enhance Merchandise.JumpBoost
  • Talisman: Things.Talisman
  • Enhance Therapeutic: Merchandise.IncreaseHealing
  • Clover: Products.Clover
  • Repeat Recover: Items.RepeatHeal
  • Meteor: Items.Meteor
  • Burn off Close by: Merchandise.BurnNearby
  • Auto Cast Gear: Merchandise.AutoCastEquipment
  • Passive Healing: Items.PassiveHealing
  • BFG: Objects.BFG
  • Scanner: Products.Scanner
  • Lightning: Products.Lightning
  • Drone Backup: Merchandise.DroneBackup
  • Goldcat: Products.GoldGat
  • War Cry on Multikill: Merchandise.WarCryOnMultiKill
  • Bounce Nearby: Por introducir el código Things.BounceNearby
  • Nova on Recover: Por introducir el código Objects.NovaOnHeal
  • Shock Close by: Por introducir el código Goods.ShockNearby
  • Elemental Rings: Por introducir el código Products.ElementalRings

Threat of Rain 2 Cheats & Codes – Characters

  • Discover the folder person profiles, located in: Steamuserdata[Number]632360remoteUserProfiles
  • Edit the file with Notepad++ or Notepad
  • Lookup the line “”, then duplicate and paste as several people codes as you want:

Figures codes full list:

  • Huntress: Por introducir el código People.Huntress
  • Engineer: Por introducir el código Characters.Engineer
  • Mercenary: Por introducir el código Characters.Mercenary
  • Mage: Por introducir el código People.Mage
  • Toolbot: Por introducir el código Characters.Toolbot

You can also unlock the people without the need of utilizing cheats, look at the unlock figures guideline

Achievements & Trophies

  • Find the folder person profiles, situated in: Steamuserdata[Number]632360remoteUserProfiles
  • Edit the file with Notepad++ or Notepad
  • Research the line “”, then copy and paste as lots of Achievements codes as you want:

“KillBossQuick KillEliteMonster CompleteTeleporter CompleteTeleporterWithoutInjury MajorMultikill AttackSpeed StayAlive1 CompleteThreeStages Find10UniqueTier1 MoveSpeed LoopOnce Find5Machines FailShrineChance TotalMoneyCollected RepeatFirstTeleporter Entire20Phases Entire30StagesCareer CompleteUnknownEnding KillTotalEnemies FreeMage HardHitter MaxHealingShrine TotalDronesRepaired LogCollector RepeatedlyDuplicateItems CarryLunarItems Die5Moments ChargeTeleporterWhileNearDeath CompleteThreeStagesWithoutHealing KillElementalLemurians CompletePrismaticTrial CompleteMultiBossShrine HardEliteBossKill FindDevilAltar FindTimedChest FindUniqueNewtStatues SuicideHermitCrabs”

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