Radiant Walkthrough & Guide – Robloxtool

Radiant Walkthrough & Guide – Robloxtool

Radiant Walkthrough

Welcome to The Radiant Walkthrough & Guide, in which we will deliver you all the choices and insider secrets to get to the optimum ranges to unlock all the scenes in the game

Radiant Walkthrough – Prologue

The Prologue does not involve any clarification, just get pleasure from and achieve Chapter 1

Radiant Walkthrough – Chapter 1

1st Critical Selection

1st Decision: Crack Again (+3 Lust), Scold him (+3 Pure) or also Threaten him (+3 Dim)

2nd Selection: Unquestionably (+1 Lust) or also Not Definitely (+1 Darkish)

3rd Selection: Yes (to start off Brooke’s route) or No (Really don’t select “No”)

4th Decision: Get dressed initial (+1 Pure to all the girls) or also Just solution it (+1 Darkish to all the women)

5th Choice: Just read the letter

6th Decision: Perplexed (+1 Lust), Delighted (+1 Pure) or also Offended (+1 Dark)

7th Option: Flustered (+1 Lust), Hopeful (+1 Pure) or also Irritable (+1 Dark)

8th Selection: Opt for them all

9th Selection: Just knock

10th Option: Peek within (+1 Peek), or also Don’t Peek (Really don’t decide on it)

11th Option: Just knock

12th Choice: Peek inside of (+1 Peek), or also Do not Peek (Do not decide on it).

(If you selected to peek in 10th and also in 12th alternatives +1 lust, if not, +1 pure)

13th Selection: I will seduce them (+1 Lust), A loving relationship (+1 Pure) or also Obediencey (+1 Dim)

14th Option: Just knock

15th Choice: Test her out (+1 Lust), or also Never do it (+1 Pure)

16th Decision: Be blunt (+1 Lust / +1 Lust for Maddison), Be awesome (+1 Pure / +1 Pure for Maddison) or also Inform her off (+1 Dim / +1 Darkish for Maddison)

17th Selection: Pick them all

2nd Important Choice

18th Option: Never intervene (+1 Lust / +3 Lust for Maddison), Defend Maddison (+1 Pure / +3 Pure for Maddison) or also Berate Maddison (+2 Dim / +3 Dark for Maddison)

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