Photo Hunt Walkthrough & Guide

Photo Hunt Walkthrough & Guide

Photo Hunt Walkthrough guide

Welcome to The Image Hunt Walkthrough & Manual, in which we will deliver you all the alternatives and insider secrets to access the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

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Initially Measures – Farming Stats & Dollars

Everything will be a lot easier if you expend a few of months farming stats & Revenue:

  • Funds – Storehouse (every early morning): Get paid enough cash to purchase everything offered at the store (Pawnshop & Clothing shop), and as soon as you unlock the alley, anything you can obtain there
  • Intellect – Library (weekdays): Research or Get ready Literature, but dont squander your time with Jennifer, her storyline hasn’t been introduced yet
  • Images – Park (every working day): Just take some shots
  • Hacking – Electronic Arts (weekdays – afternoon): Choose some classes (20$ each and every)
  • Strength: You will get paid more than enough Strength once you obtain every thing from the Pawnshop (Store)
  • Sneaking: You will earn plenty of Sneaking once you get almost everything from the Pawnshop (Shop)
  • Charisma: You will gain plenty of Charisma as soon as you obtain anything from the Pawnshop (Shop)

Photograph Hunt Walkthrough – Lina

  • Satisfy her in classroom (night – weekday) and finish her 4 rounds of literature inquiries. If you have geared up literature in the library, you will know all the suitable solutions, if you don’t:
    • First: Completely wrong,Wrong,Proper,Improper,Wrong
    • Second: W,W,R,R,R
    • 3rd: Count as suitable,W,R,R,W – Inquire Jennifer (library evening) for help  > Take shots in the morning (park – needs 24 images skil) > give them to Jennifer following night
    • Fourth: R,R,W,R,R – Give it to Lina
  • Go to Headmistress’s business office
  • Show up at classes to get the health and fitness center membership > Go to the health and fitness center this night
  • Take a look at the gym (afternoon)
  • Satisfy her in the school (Afternoon – Ladies > Lina)
  • Lina’s Ending: Stop by her in the Fitness center (evening) until eventually you unlock her house. Go to her household on weekends (afternoon) and unlock all the out there scenes

Photograph Hunt Walkthrough – Lina

  • Meet up with Kevin in the Headmistress’s office and enable him with Bobby (Bathroom)
  • Go to the rest room and chat about her with Adrian and Bobby
  • Check out Fiona two times
  • Convince her to forgive you, you can:
    • Participate in Squash with her, involves 19 Strength
    • Photoshooting: necessitates 31 Photograpy
    • Massage her: Buy the massage set in the pawnshop > massage get (calls for 18 Int): Ribs, Buttocks, Hips, Toes & Neck (never touch stomach)
  • Unlock her dormitory: Hack the pc (Teacher’s space – early morning), then you can:
    • Set up spy cameras: Acquire them from Scott (Alley)
    • Bare guy: Involves to speak to Tobias (Digital Arts) about Apologies
    • Go away a present: Acquire the cell phone from scott (Alley)

Picture Hunt Walkthrough – Monica

  • Stop by her (Headmistress’s business office)
  • Assist Kevin in the lavatory
  • Hang out with Kevin at minimum 10 instances, till he is accused of cheating, then visit Monica (her workplace – Early morning), and be mindful, for the reason that there are two diverse paths depending on your up coming option

Monica Romance

  • Pick out Continue to keep her secret
  • Cling out with Kevin till you unlock Monica’s house
  • Hold hanging out with kevin till she asks you to hel`p her with cleansing > buy the summer months gown (outfits shop)
  • Dangle out with Kevin until the party wherever Monica is sleeping (demands sneaking 27)
  • Get 36 monica like points, hold hanging out with kevin and take a look at her (her home)
  • Give her the evening gown and talk to her for a day

Monica Blackmail

  • Pick Set my **** out
  • Just enjoy all the actions

Photo Hunt Walkthrough – Rachel

  • When you have at least $100 & 20 hacking, examine what she is doing at property (evening)
  • Inquire Adrian (school bathroom) about Red Maiden, and go to Red Maiden (Weekday morning)
  • Communicate to Adrian and go to the Alley, then get the mask
  • Go to the Purple Maiden (Weekday morning) and love all the diverse options you have there. But examine all the accessible choices, since you have to have it to unlock the cafe, so use all the possibilities right up until you can pick Allow her Go Household
  • Cafe: Invest in her orange juice or chocolate bar, complete the gymnastics occasion and aid her.

Photograph Hunt Walkthrough – Evelyn

  • Look for Evelyn in the night, and also following, morning
  • Enjoy other character’s paths right up until you unlock Evelyn’s functions spot
  • Go to her work, the design company (weekday afternoon) and decide on all the options
  • Meet Evelyn at household on weekends evenings to fulfill Alice and suggest alice to pose for you (involves Mini Photo Studio). Give Alice a mobile phone (Alley) and engage in all the facet gatherings with her, you can play poker and invite her to pose for a image session 3 moments.
  • Communicate to Evelyn at her career and she will come to be your model, give her the garments and unlock 3 photograph periods.

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