Penguin Super Club Codes – Super CPPS June 2020

Penguin Super Club Codes – Super CPPS June 2020

CPPS Super Club Penguin codes

We present you all the active codes Super Club Penguin or Super CPPS, in an updated list in which we will integrate new codes as soon as they come out

Super Club Penguin Codes – How are they used?

Super Club Penguin is the old SuperCPPS, so if you were already playing when it was Super CPPS it changed its name and the codes are still used just like before.

Go to the screen where the data (books and codes) are unlocked and click I have a password (there are only two options, the other is that I have a book). Enter the code you want to redeem and click complete. In case you want to avoid typing errors, you can copy and paste the codes directly from the list of valid codes that we will provide you.

Penguin Super Club Codes – Assets

These are all the active codes of Super Club Penguin or Super CPPS:

UNIVERSITY (6/9/2020) – School jacket and also 2020 coins

CHILDREN’S DAY (04/30/2020) – Cover April 30, Children’s Day Fund, Friendship Pin and also 1925 coins

MILIONKIN (04/09/2020) – Pin of 1 million coins

KARTZITSOU (03/19/2020) – 6 Jitsu cards

SNOWCARDS (03/19/2020) – 6 Jitsu cards

PYRKAGIA CARDS (03/19/2020) – 6 Jitsu cards

CARD (03/19/2020) – 6 Jitsu cards

ΚΟΡΩΝΟΔΟΣ (03/15/2020) – Puffle Care cap, Scrumbs, Stethoscope and 2000 coins

I LIVE HOME (03/15/2020) – CDA two-eye mask, CDA suit, three-eye CDA mask, one-eye CDA mask and also 5000 coins

WOMAN’S DAY (3/6/2020) – Hoddie Destiny, Support Pin, Commemorative Fund and 1914 coins

PART OF TOURTS (02/26/2020) – Pufflist Jacket, Green Dubstep Puffle Tee, Black Puffle Costume, Rainbow Puffle Touch and 2000 coins

VALENTINES20 (02/14/2020) – Hoodie Baby Boo and also 2020 coins

THANK YOU2020 (31/12/2020) – Grape costume, Firework Rocket Pin, MP3000 Bling Edition, Teclarra, Hoddie Fiestero and also 2020 coins

REGALOSENSI (12/21/2019) – 6 Jitsu Card cards

HOLIDAYS19 (12/21/2019) – Christmas garland, Christmas hat with patch, Reindeer sweater and also 1,000 coins

WELCOME (12/02/2019) – CP Hero, Red Cap, Forest Background and also 500 coins

Super CPPS codes expired

For now, all the codes work in Super CPPS, if they expire or expire, we will notify you (you will not see them in the list above, if not in it). In the same way we will inform you about the latest codes that come out, so be sure to visit this page so that you do not lose any rewards.

Other Club Penguin games

In case you are playing or interested, we also have codes for other Club Penguin games:

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