Paw Patrol Characters

Paw Patrol Figures Tutorial – The primary and late users of Paw Patrol, and also the recurring characters of the collection

Paw Patrol Characters – Members

Original Associates

These are the Paw Patrol Unique Customers:

  • Ryder he is human and he is also the leader of the PAW Patrol.
  • Marshall Fireplace rescue pup.
  • Rubble Development pup with a sweet tooth.
  • Chase Police pup.
  • Rocky Handy recycling pup.
  • Zuma Drinking water rescue pup
  • Skye Aerial rescue pup.

Late Associates

These are the Paw Patrol Late Customers:

  • Cap’n Turbot A human maritime biologist, he is an occasional member and also the most frequent caller
  • Robo-Doggy Ryder’s robotic pet dog, also drives the team’s multi-member motor vehicles
  • Everest Snow rescue canine, a female husky
  • Tracker A Chihuahua who life in the jungle and makes use of his terrific hearing to support on missions

Paw Patrol People – Recurring Figures

  • Mayor Goodway Overdramatic mayor of Experience Bay.
    • Chickaletta A hen, Mayor Goodway’s pet.
  • Francois Turbot A human French zoologist, character photographer, an acrobat and also Cap’n Turbot’s cousin.
  • Wally The Cap’n Turbot’s greatest pal, a walrus
  • Mayor Humdinger The rival of Mayor Goodway’m neighbour of Foggy Base.
    • The Kitten Disaster Crew Mayor Humdinger’s group of mischievous kittens.
  • Mr Porter The grocery shop operator.
  • Alex Porter The grandson of Mr Porter
  • Katie Pups’ veterinarian and also groomer.
  • Cali Katie’s pet cat
  • Jake A snowboarder who lives with Everest (mountain)
  • Farmer Yumi and Farmer Al They individual a barn and they are also married
  • Carlos An explorer who lives with Tracker (jungle)

Paw Patrol Figures – People & Voice Actors

These are the voice actors for each character:

  • Ryder Elijha Hammil
  • Marshall Drew Davis
  • Rubble Devan Cohen
  • Chase Max Calinescu
  • Rocky Samuel Faraci
  • Zuma Alex Thorne
  • Skye Kallan Holley
  • Everest Berkley Silverman
  • Katie Katherine Forrester
  • Cali Julie Lemieux
  • Sweetie Anya Cooke
  • Alex Christian Distefano
  • Mayor Goodway Deanne Degruijter
  • Jake Scott McCord
  • Carlos Lucius Hoyos