Parchis Star Cheats –

Parchis Star Cheats –

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Parchis Star Cheats – We explain how to win more gems, coins, dice and some strategies or tricks to win more games.

Cheats Parchis Star – Precious stones

We start with gemstones, as they allow you to repeat a roll of dice and being able to repeat the rolls is the key to eating chips or not eating. There are several ways to get them:

Watch videos: Every 24 hours, two of the six videos give gems. So try to see them every day to ensure 30 gems a day.

Open your breasts: They are less profitable, fewer gems come out, but they come out in all boxes and are a good way to secure 5 to 10 gemstones a day.

the friends: It’s the best way to get gems, send and get dice. So we encourage you to invite friends to play, whether they know you or not. Since with this method you can get 50 to 200 gemstones a day. The more friends, the better

Events: They do not always give precious stones, but pay attention to the rewards, because when there are precious stones, it is easy to get them.

Link: There are 30 levels and 30 rewards, which you can complete by placing chips. Obviously the rewards are better with the fold, but without paying, they are still very good in terms of gems.

Cheats Parchis Star – Coins

If you want to play in the Titan Championship and get the Titan brand, you will need a lot of coins. Since you are playing games of 250,000 coins and a million, or it is impossible.

Watch videos: Every 24 hours, four of the six videos give coins. It’s not much, but you can make a thousand coins a day, enough to start over

What should I do if I run out of coins? Click on the game to watch another video and win 500 coins to start again.

Events: It’s the best way to earn high currency amounts. There are events that give 200,000 and 300,000 coins for their completion. So to play Titan = complete events

Link: Another great way to earn more than 100,000 coins at a time is to complete the championship levels, for which you have to play and place chips. Obviously, if you buy the fold, the rewards are better and instead of 100,000, you can earn 300,000 coins at a time.

Cheats Parchis Star – Dice

You’ve already seen what it takes to complete a dice roll. But we explain how to get them:

  • Breasts: There are dice on all breasts, so don’t stop opening them
  • the friends: Again, it’s the key, as you can exchange chips from each dice collection, no doubt the fastest way to complete them. Another reason to have friends who are active in the game.

Strategies to win at ParchisStar

Everyone knows how to play Parcheesi, but here are some suggestions:

  • Hold the base of your base to force the opponent to open his barrier: Crossing the opponent’s base before your opponent gives you many advantages
  • Say: Although it sounds ridiculous, almost no one counts. And not just the next roll, but to calculate what would happen by putting on a chip (moving 10) or eating (moving 20). If you anticipate these moves, you have won half the game
  • If you draw two doubles, put a chip in the dark area (where it is crowned): So, if you draw another double in your third circle, your badge will not go to your base
  • Do not expose: Everyone knows how to play parcheesi, and your opponent. So it is more important not to make mistakes, to wait for the opponent to do them and to keep the gems so as not to miss your chance.
  • How to put more brands?: If you have a tile less than 7 inches long to mow, one strategy is to leave another tile 10 inches away. So, with the crown of the previous one, you will be able to be crowned with this symbol as well.
  • It forces the opponent to move: Choose when to place your tile with your opponent to force him to move if he doubles.
  • Is it better to zoom in or out? It’s a statistical issue, it’s best to stay away from 1. If you’re in 1, only 1 works for you, if you’re in 6, it works for 6, 4 + 2, 5 + 1 and 3 + 3. Therefore, not with the closer you get, the more likely you are
  • If you play in pairs, your priority is that one of the two crowns all the brands: This way you will move twice and it will be much easier to eat.
  • Don’t just stay with a badge: Although it seems that you are ahead, it is very difficult to put it if you can not choose moves and your opponent is waiting for you brands

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