Outward Cheats – Console Commands

Outward Cheats – Console Commands

Outward Cheats

Welcome to our Outward Cheats and Console Commands, the place we will show you how to enable the cheats, the menus, all the hot keys and also the mixtures for all the cheats in the game

Outward Cheats – Allow Console

There is a Debug Menu, but just for Pc people. And of study course, as soon as you help it you can use a ton of console commands. So to start with allows see how to enable the console:

  1. Search and open the Outward_Details Folder: C:Application Documents (x86)SteamsteamappscommonOutwardOutward_Information for Steam people
  2. Include a txt file named DEBUG.txt and empty
  3. Open the game (Outward) and begin taking part in, the cheats (or the console) are enabled.

If you want to remove the debug menu, disable the cheats or the console, just delete de DEBUG.txt file

Outward Cheats – Console Instructions & Scorching Keys

These are all the hot keys as soon as you have enabled the console (DEBUG.txt):

F1 – Product Spawn Menu: in which you can look for merchandise

F2 – Cheats Menu: God Manner, Fast Travel, Skip Time

F3 – Competencies Menu: You can add or remove competencies and you can also search them

F4 – Quests & Events Menu: You can incorporate or take away quest flags and you can also look for them

F12 – Just take a Screenshot

Quickly and very hot keys

Numpad / – Uncooked Stat Quantities (for you and also your targets)

Numpad . – Inverts Camera (Up or Down)

Numpad1 – Gradual Down Game

Numpad 2 – Destroy Player

Numpad 6 – Testing Standing Influence (indigestion debuff)

Numpad7 – To Take away Position Influence (all buffs, but doesn´t take out lifedrain)

Numpad 8 – Recover, Resurrect, reset cooldowns and also Fill Requirements

Numpad 9 – Get Problems

“0”, “9”, and “-” keys – 3 animations


Remaining Ctrl + Remaining Alt + S – Power Surroundings Save

Remaining Ctrl + Remaining Alt + L – Skip Surroundings Load and also Reload

LeftCtrl + Still left Alt + X – Open Photon Community Place

Remaining Alt + Web page Up – Next Graphic Settings. But you can also:

Remaining Alt + Site Down – Previous Graphic Settings

LeftAlt + Numpad / – Show Debug Info

Left Change + O – Open GUI

Still left Change + U – Player Ragdoll

LeftShift + H – Hide UI

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