Ninja Legends Ranks Guide – Robloxtool

Ninja Legends Ranks Guide – Robloxtool

Ninja Legends Ranks

All the Ninja Legends Ranks, how the ranks get the job done, some tips, their cost in coins and their improve when you swipe or splash your sword

Ninja Legends Ranks – How Ranks Perform?

You start with the rank rookie, wich provides you a x1 raise (Ninjitsu). That suggests you have a x1 strengthen when to swipe or splash your sword.

You can improve the boost with a far better sword (see the swords guideline) or strengthening your rank

To Strengthen your rank you need to have coins, we will deliver you the cost in coins of each individual rank:

If you require some coins or other free of charge benefits, go to the codes checklist

Ranks – Complete Listing discussed

These are all the ranks, their enhance and also their price tag (in coins)

  • Rookie Rank: x1 coin increase (free of charge)
  • Grasshopper Rank: x2 coin enhance (but expenditures = 2M Coins)
  • Apprentice Rank: x4 coin enhance (but prices = 150M Coins)
  • Samurai Rank: x6 coin strengthen (but fees = 11B Coins)
  • Assassin Rank: x9 coin boost (but costs = 850B Coins)
  • Shadow Rank: x12 coin raise (but charges = 63T Coins)
  • Ninja Rank: x15 coin improve (but expenditures = 475T Coins)
  • Grasp Ninja Rank: x20 coin improve (but fees = 3,5Qa Coins)
  • Sensei Rank: x25 coin boost (but expenses = 26Qa Coins)
  • Grasp Sensei Rank: x38 coin boost (but fees = 200Qa Coins)
  • Ninja Legend Rank: x57 coin increase (but costs = 1,5Qi Coins)
  • Learn of Shadows Rank: x100 coin increase (but fees = 250Qi Coins)
  • Immortal Assassin Rank: x175 coin boost (but fees = 2,5 Si Coins)
  • Eternity Hunter Rank: x280 coin improve (but charges = 925Si Coins)
  • Shadow Legend Rank: x400 coin strengthen (but fees = 250Sp Coins)
  • Dragon Warrior Rank: x600 coin enhance (but costs = 15Oc Coins)
  • Dragon Learn Rank: x850 coin enhance (but costs = 350Oc Coins)

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