New Club Penguin Codes – July 2020

New Club Penguin Codes – July 2020

New Penguin Club codes

We bring you all the New Club Penguin codes in a list that we will update with each new code, so you do not miss any of the exclusive rewards you can receive

New Penguin Club codes – Details

Here are the codes that are still available, take advantage of them as long as they last and redeem all new CP gifts:

  1. 20 USERS – Reward codes: Star Glasses, Target Background, Tie Dye Shirt, Lighthouse Pin and 2,500 coins

We will add new passwords to the list as soon as the developers publish them. So try to stay pending, because they do not last forever and if your validity period expires you will not be able to redeem them.

New Penguin Club codes – Expired

Here you will see why you need to know the codes, if you do not claim them in time and they expire and all this is what you have already lost

  1. ΑΥΤΟΚΙΝΗΤΟΥ – Reward codes: Puffle Whistle and 5,000 coins

How to redeem passwords?

If you have already played other Club Penguin games it is basically the same

  1. Navigate to the server selection screen, where the suggested servers are displayed
  2. Click to unlock onlie items (in the upper left corner)
  3. Click on the second tab (I have a password)
  4. Enter the password or copy it from our list and paste it and finally click next to redeem it

If you still have doubts, watch this video where youtuber Cocolino 2007 redeems the first codes of the game:

Other Club Penguin games

In case you play or are interested in, we also have codes for other Club Penguin games:

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