My Tamagotchi Forever Evolution Guide

My Tamagotchi Forever Evolution Guide

My Tamagotchi Forever Evolution Guide

Welcome to the My Tamagotchi Endlessly Evolution Manual, we will offer you below all the requirements to get all the progressed tamagotchis accessible in the game

Almost everything in this game is about using care and evolving your Tamagotchis. But every single stage of evolution has diverse necessities, so we hope this manual will support you

My Tamagotchi Endlessly Evolution Tutorial – Baby phase

You get a baby tamagotchi (1st evolution phase) just hatching an egg, and you can attain these three infants:

  • Omututchi
  • Futabtachi
  • Mimifuwatchi
  • PuchiTeletchi

You cannot feed and egg and what newborn you will get from that egg is absolutely random (appears to be to be 25% prospect every one). But the very good news is that the baby Tamagotchi you get, does not have an impact on the following evolution phase.

My Tamagotchi Endlessly Evolution Tutorial – Toddler stage

The Toddler stage is the 2nd evolution phase, and you just want to feed a newborn tamagotchi to get one toddler tamagotchi. Does not subject what infant you choose (or have), the only detail that matters is what you use to feed your infant:

  • Hoshitchi: Feed your child Absolutely nothing
  • Meganetchi: Feed your little one Vegetables
  • Mizutamatchi: Feed your newborn Seafood
  • Puchitchi: Feed your toddler Sweets
  • Tamatchi: Feed your infant Snacks
  • Mohitamatchi: Feed your child Meat

It usually takes 4 several hours to grow a Infant to a Toddler

My Tamagotchi Without end Evolution Tutorial – Teenager

The Teen stage is the 3rd evolution stage, and you just need to have to feed a Toddler tamagotchi to get just one Teen tamagotchi. Doesn’t make any difference what Toddler you decide on (or have), the only point that matters is what you use to feed your Toddler:

  • Eriitchi: Feed your toddler Sweets
  • Haretchi: Feed your child Seafood
  • Hinatchi: Feed your newborn Greens
  • Mokokotchi: Feed your little one Treats
  • Nikatchi: Feed your newborn Fruits
  • Soyofuwatchi: Feed your infant Meat
  • Ebatchi: Feed your toddler Meat or Snacks

It requires 36 hours to expand a Toddler to a Teenager, so be individual

Grownup Tamagotchis

The Adult stage is the 4th evolution phase, and you just require to feed a Teenager tamagotchi to get one particular Adult tamagotchi. Doesn’t make a difference what Teen you select (or have), the only point that matters is what you use to feed your Teen:

  • Chamametchi: Feed your baby Seafood and also Fruit
  • Kikitchi: Feed your little one Fruits, Bananas and also Veggies
  • Kuchipatchi: Feed your toddler Junk Foodstuff
  • Kuromametchi: Feed your toddler Meat and also Fruit
  • Lovelitchi: Feed your infant Meat and also Sweets
  • Mametchi: Feed your little one Meat and also Seafood
  • Memetchi: Feed your infant Treats and also Fruit
  • Neliatchi: Feed your newborn Treats, French Fries and also Vegetables
  • Sebiretchi: Feed your child Treats and also Fruit
  • Violetchi: Feed your toddler Sweets and also Seafood
  • Gozarutchi: Feed your newborn Seafood and also greens. But also helps to spot the training class in TamaTown and continue to keep the Teen’s electrical power constantly environmentally friendly

It takes 72 several hours (3 times) to expand a Teenager to an Adult, so be patient

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