Mr Pumpkin 2 Walkthrough & Guide – Walls of Kowloon

Mr Pumpkin 2 Walkthrough & Guide – Walls of Kowloon

Mr Pumpkin 2 Walkthrough Walls of Kowloon

Mr Pumpkin 2 Walkthrough & Guidebook – Walls of Kowloon – A step by setp tutorial to complete all the chapters of the cellular game Mr Pumpkin 2 Partitions of Kowloon, by CottonGame & Lilith Game titles

Mr Pumpkin 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  • Go ideal, get the matches, give them to the dude at the door (discuss to him initially) and get a metallic vital from him
  • Use the metal essential with the flashing display screen, open up the doorway, and go as a result of (Accomplishment Metropolis Intruder)
  • 1st talk to the punks, then enter the toilet and talk to the girl (Achievement Class Clown: If you open up the toilet door consistently)
  • Go upstairs and open up the tattoo parlor doorway (flip the arrows crimson to solve the puzzle and open the doorway). Then get inside, speak to all people there, get a enjoy (cupboards) and go away
  • Downstairs > left doorway > talk with the dude and seem by way of his dresset to get a fuse
  • Get out and go as a result of the 5 door > Get the cheese > unlock the suitable doorway and go through
  • Choose the electrical tape (by the Tv set) and speak to each individuals
  • Downstairs > Established the mousetrap (area the cheese there) > leave and come back to get the important the mouse leaves guiding
  • Discuss with all the NPCs there
  • Try to remember the broken fuse box? go there, head out to the balcony and unlock the fuse box with the important. Then use the fuse with the fuse box and convert the switches (3) on
  • Converse to the couple, notice the clue (wall) and remember it or choose a screenshot. But don’t fail to remember to acquire the pliers (couch) ahead of you go away
  • Unlock the doorway working with the clue of the preceding stage, get inside and get the wooden essential
  • Use the pliers on the chained doorway of the tatoo parlor and get inside of > go upstairs, chat to the man (ladder) and give him the electrical tape to unlock the following area, then get inside of
  • Converse to the game area proprietor, converse to the child (white shirt) and give him the check out

Game God Accomplishment

  • Choose the film ticket (flooring), then get the stuffed mouse from the toy grabber equipment (appropriate). Then enjoy the game to the correct of the soda machine (solve the puzzle), then participate in Neon Cube, distinct the board and at last get the blue prize
  • (Achievement Game God: If you conquer all the Arcade games)
  • Communicate to the proprietor, give him the blue prize ball to get some cash and depart
  • Tattoo Parlor > give the stuffed cartoon mouse to the artist
  • Punks > give them the cash (now you can get some h2o, but you will need the deal with)
  • Downstairs > give the movie ticket to the dude that questioned you about her daughter and then get the bullets from the chair

Chapter 1 video clip walkthrough

Entire Chapter 1 video Walkthrough & Guide. A 30 min movie guide from the youtuber Puzzle Game Solver, exactly where you can see how to fix all the puzzles you will facial area. out?v=6vEN_yu-cwY

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