Mobile Legends Codes – October 2019

Mobile Legends Codes – October 2019

Mobile Legends Codes

Updated list with all the valid Mobile Legends Codes, so check the new codes, redeem them, and enjoy free rewards like free fragments or magic potions

Mobile Legends Codes – Full List

There are tons of new codes every week, but they don’t remain active for too long. So be quick and redeem the codes as soon as you can to get tons of rewads, like free fragments or magic potions

New Codes

  • ua547p4sc975224uq
  • fm3h5c6xfg98224uq
  • 56xkpcd9wmv22243v
  • 5xuhzkrnyahu224dn
  • 5hkcvmqv3h7722467
  • xu8rp3jpjt9w223sk
  • xbmkp6jz35r3223sk
  • w8ynxwh88aza223sk
  • v9qj7upfxx5c223sk
  • ztg23ys9yrqb223sj
  • v84ppp5jzcxg223sk
  • 69efhzx4fh2g223rg
  • 9we5c9e32bvk223rv
  • 52pd23skzxe8223rd
  • 8dfp7su89myp223tk
  • 7vxyjr4jn778g22467
  • dw6zhbwh8bnm22467
  • dw5dn539q9qg22467
  • e25wnvf4dnmh224p8
  • 87gwhfyvjbpq224p8
  • ktcg8g542wdt22467
  • ku79sywf67zt22467
  • kzvkufbyxyyp22467
  • kvcq4e2ktb2t22467

More Valid Mobile Legends Codes

The codes don’t last too much, so be quick and redeem them as soon as you can

  • ksr9j28argpa22467
  • 5xuhzkrnyahu224dn
  • hpacc5n3v4m22eb
  • 4uf7mehhkw9g224dp
  • b8a6dxcfbb6422467
  • qu6snmzwbker22467
  • qjz25uvavt2u22467
  • b9nxc6uncuxx22467
  • b9njmn94zzkc22467
  • bagcdscr2spp22467
  • b9zmrztsrbew22467
  • qmc4e8xwsgb822467
  • qumskcbxfh8f22467

As you can see you can redeem a lot of free fragments and magic potions. So visit us in the next days for more codes, rewards and also more free fragments

Expired Codes

Here we will list all the expired codes that you can’t use anymore

If you want other games codes, you can also check:

Mobile Legends Codes – How to Redeem?

First open your game (Mobile Legends), minimise it and finally open the ML official Code Exchange website, link here. Enter the code you want to redeem in “Redemption Code”, and your game id in “Game ID”, finally click on Redeem (red button) to redeem. If you have entered a valid code you will receive a success message from ML, go to your mailbox and open the Official website verification code mail, copy the verification code, paste it in the “Verification Code” line. and click on redeem. If you have any doubt you can also check this video from youtuber Kazuki Official:

Hope you enjoyed the codes and also their rewards, come back in the next days and weeks for more codes

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