MediEvil Remake: how to unlock the original PlayStation game

MediEvil Remake: how to unlock the original PlayStation game

MediEvil is back. Sir Daniel Fortesque's adventure comes back to a Sony console to enjoy, once again, one of the industry's great classics. He October 25th This is MediEvil from which its notes and analyzes are already known.

The developers thought of all the nostalgic fans of the title and made them a great gift. Its original game MediEvil is in the remake and can be played if certain requirements are met. Then we tell you How to unlock the original MediEvil in this new version of the game:

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MediEvil Remake: how to unlock the original PlayStation game

To unlock and enjoy our beloved Lord's original tradition we must succeed, nothing more and nothing less than 19 lost souls. To achieve this, the basic steps must be taken and the levels we have already passed in the search for these souls must be repeated.

MediEvil's analysis of the PS4, the remake of Sir Daniel Fortesque

  • The first thing to do is Find the chest that unlocks lost souls. To do this, you have to follow the path to the right of the main entrance, go down some stairs and there will be a chest.
  • All levels contain one soul. To find out if you have found it or not, you will see that there is an S that is listed at the level. Every soul will need a puzzle to find it. Once you hit 19, the original MediEvil will be unlocked.

This game holds on original graphics and has been customized so that the Dualshock 4 remote control Compatible with the title. Now is the time to get down to work and find all these difficult souls. Run before you stay on the bones.

We can take MediEvil this Friday. Until then, you can check out his episodes Gallowmere Guide. The former talked about the importance of the shield, the second presented the different camera options the game will have and the latter published shows different weapons and attacks.

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