Little Misfortune Sparkles Locations – Robloxtool

Little Misfortune Sparkles Locations – Robloxtool

Little Misfortune Sparkles

Welcome to the Little Misfortune Sparkles Locations guideline, we will present you the destinations of the 16 sparkle factors, so you can unlock the achievements Sparkling girl and also Manual Sparkle

Very little Misfortune Sparkles – FAQ

There are 16 sparkle details in the game, and if you glitter all of them you will unlock 2 achievements:

  • Sparkling woman: Uncover all Sparkles
  • Handbook Sparkle: Sparkle 50 times

And you will also need to know their locations if you want to unlock the excellent or legitimate ending, examine out the endings manual if you want

So, we are going to deliver you all the sparkle factors places:

Minimal Misfortune Sparkles Places

Within the commencing dwelling

There are 3 sparkle points inside of the commencing house:

  • Within the fridge (kitchen area > glitter)
  • Stove (kitchen area > soup)
  • Mom

Exterior the beginning home

Near to the household, but exterior, you can come across another 7 sparkle details:

  • Auto (Yard)
  • Street > Useless Crow
  • When you enjoy with the puppy > Seashore > Glitter the sparkle
  • George (hanging guy)
  • Cemetery > previous grave > dig > box
  • Interact with the wallet > retail store door
  • Fountain (zoo)


At Phantasmagoria there are 3 a lot more sparkle details

  • Entrance signal
  • Big Fox
  • Skeleton hanging near a ghost

Far more

And you need 3 a lot more to finish the 16 sparkle factors, so here you have the locations:

  • Bear trap
  • Benjamin’s house > video participant
  • Benjamin’s purse

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