Jikage Rising Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Jikage Rising Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Welcome to Jikage Increasing Walkthrough & Guide, wherever we will present you all the alternatives and strategies to access the maximum stages to unlock all the scenes in the game

Shed in Faranga. In this guide to Risen I consisted of a thorough description of the mission for all 3 sides which the player can pick. I likewise made precise maps with a series of marks that should help in finishing the more difficult obstacles.

In this overview to Increase I consisted of a thorough description of the mission for all three sides which the player can pick. I additionally made precise maps with a series of marks that need to assist in completing the a lot more challenging difficulties. Thanks to the clear difference to phases, portions as well as location, no player must have problems with discovering exactly what he wants.

With Blue I marked referrals do factors on the map. Vibrant text is for notes concerning marks on the map various other than numbers (factors, roadway and so on) or the careers (outlaw/ warrior of the order/ mage).

One last point – don’t get caught and also required to the Abbey. You won’t gain anything from it as well as furthermore lose a whole lot. It’s simply not worth it …

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Jikage Increasing Walkthrough – Sakura

Sakura Amount 1

  • Hokage workplace > Discuss to Sakura
  • Go on a mission and just take problems
  • Permit Sakura recover you
  • Repeat the previous 2 measures 3 situations
  • Mini game > Fill the bar, but if you fail, combat her and defeat her

Sakura Stage 2

  • Get to 100 subm factors and satisfy her (Hokage setting up) to unlock a new mission
  • Complete the mission and defeat the boss (purchase some antidotes)

Sakura Level 3

  • Attain 250 subm points and chat to her (Hokage creating)
  • What would Naruto do?
  • Complete the mini game

Sakura Stage 4

  • Achieve 400 subm factors
  • Check with Ayame (info about Sakura) and converse to Sakura (Hokage creating)
  • Speak to Saru (Gate) and then to Sakura
  • Defeat the Maze

Jikage Rising Walkthrough – Ino

Ino Level 1

  • Satisfy her (Flower Shop)
  • Go to the Flower shop and distribute rumors about the shop 3 periods
  • Mini game > comprehensive it, but if you fail, battle her and conquer her

Ino Level 2

  • Get to 100 subm points and discuss to her (Flower store)
  • Help her
  • Farm 35 Str or 50,000 Ryo
  • Go to the stadium > any preference

Ino Degree 3

  • Reach 250 subm factors and chat to her (Flower Shop)
  • Support her
  • Left, Suitable, Straight, Remaining, Left and eventually Straight

Jikage Soaring Walkthrough – Tenten

Tenten Degree 1

  • Meet her (Instruction grounds)
  • Converse to her up coming working day > Let’s do this
  • Beat the minigame (recommended Dex = 35)

Tenten Degree 2

  • Attain 100 subm details and converse to her (Teaching grounds)
  • Figure out the clues and go to the Bathhouse, Stadium, and also to Hokage Office environment
  • Meet her (Training grounds)

Tenten Stage 3

  • Achieve 250 subm factors
  • Request Ayame about Tenten
  • Educate (Education grounds)
  • Defeat Tenten

Jikage Increasing Walkthrough – Hinata

Hinata Level 1

(demands Dex = 30)

  • Go to Hokage’s business > Do a mission > Rank D missions
  • Go to Hyuga Mansion 3 times

Hinata Degree 2

(demands Hinata Amount 1 and also 100 Subm factors)

  • Talk to Ayame (Ramen Shop) About Hinata
  • Communicate to Hinata (Hyuga Mansion)

Hinata Amount 3

(requires Hinata Amount 2 and also 250 Subm details)

  • Request Ayame (Ramen Shop) About Hinata
  • Converse to Hinata (Hyuga Mansion)
  • Question to educate with Kunerai (Mansion)
  • Solid the genjutsu on Hinata

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