Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough & Guide

Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough & Guide

Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough

Welcome to the Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough, a stage by action information to comprehensive all the puzzles and conquer the game

Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough – Move by Action

  • Get out the postcard: Use the knife to open up the envelope
  • Get the wire: From the Carnival indication go appropriate, enter the diner and faucet on the plate of food
  • Choose up the important: Faucet on the fuse box
  • Get 3 goods in the Kitchen area: Bottle (desk) > Shell (fish tank) > Videotape (stove)
  • Acquire the spring: Head to the theater (through the alley)
  • Dragonfly: Go to the diner, then to the gallery (suitable), and tap on the dragonfly, go to the Carnival signal and tap on him yet again
  • Just take the tape:  Go to the retailer (by means of the gallery), open the box with the crucial and just take it
  • Yellow rock: Obtain it at the train station, unlock the suitcase with the wire
  • Take care of the wire: Diner > use the tape to repair the wire located in the fuse box

Neon Arrows

  •  Neon Arrows: exterior, in entrance of the diner lit up (take note where they issue – proper, left…)
  • Radio: Inside > press the buttons in the same order as the neon arrows (ideal, left…), then acquire the eco-friendly tea from the waiter
  • Get the knife: Give the green tea to the shopper
  • Hot doggy:  Observe the marks of the incredibly hot pet dog
  • Carnival Sign’s door: faucet on the door and use the number combination from the hot canine
  • Upstairs (inside of): get the lightbulb (mattress) > use the spring on the man on the mattress and observe the colours
  • Theater’s door: Use the lightbulb clue to open up it
  • Inside the Theater: Get the shovel, interact with the paper underneath the sofa, and also get the badge (painting)
  • Retail store: Use the lightbulb with the lamp, then notice the clock (tiny hand = 7 and major hand = 11)
  • Ship ticket: At the teach station reduce the dotted line on the notice (wall) with the knife
  • Clock: move the fingers > compact hand = 7 and significant hand = 11
  • Inside Prepare station: tap on the asterisk on the creating to see the course of the figures you can find on posters

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