Isoland 3 Walkthrough – Dust of the universe

Isoland 3 Walkthrough – Dust of the universe

Isoland 3 Walkthrough

Welcome to the Isoland 3 Walkthrough, a move by action guideline to full all the puzzles and conquer the game

Isoland 3 Walkthrough – Initial Techniques

  • Slash the paper drawing (spaceship) with the scissors
  • Head correct, talk with the guy, and go to the beach
  • Choose up the middle rock and memorize the drawing
  • Go proper, back again remaining, go right and again left once again, then choose up the bugle
  • Goright and accumulate the fruit
  • Go down, then correct, obtain the stick and tap on the doorway and address the puzzle (none of the metallic rods can get trapped on the other individuals)


  • Give the bugle to the male and get into the cave
  • Consider the lamp vital, place the rock in the center top rated gap and decide up the seed
  • Go back with the gentleman, location the seed in the water and consider the dice
  • Location the dice where by you discovered the lamp important and go by means of the door
  • Flip the lamp with the lamp essential and take a picture of the mural (or remember the symbols)
  • Go to the beach front, then left and ultimately up (the device), tap on the equipment and match the symbols (like the mural)

Isoland 3 Walkthrough – Boat

  • Go to exactly where the hen was and get onto the boat
  • Consider the moon sticker and give the fruit to the captain (see the selection “1” between the arrows)
  • Get out of the boat, faucet on the chicken and get again, then go by means of the boat doorway (Penrose Ship)
  • Remedy the puzzle and communicate to the chef (see the range “2”)
  • Go downstaitrs and consider the red suitcase (cabinets)
  • Go to the red box (still left) and push the buttons like this: OXOXOXX
  • Take a look at the window (recognize variety 4 and the inexperienced object by the white fish)
  • Go upstairs, right doorway, discuss to the sailor and climb down the ladder
  • Choose the earth sticker (discover quantity 3)
  • Go back with the man striving to make a fireplace, give him the flint and get the coin, also gentle your stick
  • Go back (down), then remaining and use your new torch on the vines, then go by means of the door


  • Speak with the puppy, go as a result of the still left door (recognize the drawing, and take the shovel from the crack (remaining wall)
  • Go as a result of the still left door yet again, then twice by means of the right doorway, two times by the middle doorway, and ultimately by the new door
  • Just take the mild tube, faucet on the door and place the screws (exact pattern as on the wall)
  • Location the sliders beneath the statue as the 4 planets in the sky (you can see them exactly where you observed the flower) and just take the gold nugget
  • Go exactly where the lamp was (cave) and dig with the shovel, then take back again the dice
  • Give the gold nugget to the chef (boat) and get the tentacle meat
  • Go the place the sailor was (boat appropriate doorway) inser a coin into the tower viewer ans use the 2 dials, then memorize it or take a photograph
  • Give him the mild tube, then get the reflector

Tentacle Meat

  • Give the tentacle meat to the puppy, then get the blue bone
  • Go by the newest door, put the reflector in the empty slot and shift it until finally the laser hits the eye and the doorway opens
  • Spot the blue bone on the missing arm of the statue and seize the lumpy sphere (mouth)
  • Bear in mind the initial drawing on the rocks of the seaside, use it to clear up the puzle on the wall, notice and acquire a photograph of the drawing of hearth
  • Go wherever the fireplace was and spot the lumpy sphere in excess of the flames
  • Go in which the flower was, then go up, and solve the circles sample utilizing the clue of the tower viewer
  • Address the triangle’s puzzle
  • Get into the spaceship and communicate to the person. Then fix the puzzle on the wall and go via the new door
  • Search out the window, get the Saturn sticker, and go upstairs
  • Get a single guide and put it with the rest (cabinets), then shift them all, each individual 2 = 2 books, every single 1 = 1 e-book, finally go by way of the doorway driving the bookshelf
  • Ignore about the laptop or computer, go back again and enter the theater, shift the tentacle statue and push the button to get the bread
  • To remedy the door puzle link the 2 round pieces
  • Acquire the venus sticker (dim space) and go back to the publications place
  • Spot the bread on the plate to get and pick up the ant
  • Left doorway > Knock the jar on to the table and open the closet (time capsule)
  • Go back again to the 3 boxes and place the ant on the 3rd one, zoom out and recognize the image floating

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