I Love you Colonel Sanders Best Ending & Walkthrough

I Love you Colonel Sanders Best Ending & Walkthrough

I Love you Colonel Sanders Best Ending & Walkthrough

Welcome to I Adore you Colonel Sanders Ideal Ending & Walkthrough, we will guide you through the chapters, action by stage, to unlock the best doable ending of the game

I Adore you Colonel Sanders – Most effective Ending

If you want to get the best achievable ending, just adhere to our walkthrough. We will not explain to you anything about the ending, but at the conclude of this tutorial we will increase a video clip with the ending (of course there are SPOILERS, so it is up to you…)

I Like you Colonel Sanders – Walkthrough Day 1

Chapter 1 – The Very first Bite Walkthrough

  1. Smack that clock!
  2. You need to take this critically!
  3. Pep communicate your ideal pal.
  4. Chicken Snack
  5. Sit by Colonel Sanders
  6. Pop Quiz:
    1. Extremely
    2. Feather
    3. A spork
    4. Anything with like, and not as well much salt
    5. He is the finest boy!

Chapter 2 – The Second Bite Walkthrough

  1. Concentrate your head
  2. Fulfill Colonel Sanders outside the house immediately after the food

Chapter 3 – The 3rd Bite Walkthrough

  1. Be modest but considerate.
  2. Clank
  3. Your grandmother’s mashed potatoes and gravy.
  4. Struggle the Spork Monster then spare his everyday living.
  5. Switch to Colonel Sanders, hunk of hunks.

Chapter 4 – The Fourth Chunk Walkthrough

  1. Defend
  2. Spare this wretched beast.

I Adore you Colonel Sanders – Walkthrough Day 2

Chapter 5 – The Fifth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Make up a faux component.
  2. Operate to him!
  3. Compliment the craftsmanship of the horse’s footwear.
  4. Act like you’re not fascinated
  5. Select the a single you want, but with the pet dog take care of you will have and added alternative

Chapter 6 – The Sixth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Stage up and explain to them, You are on!
  2. Quiz:
    1. 100°C.
    2. Eleven herbs.
    3. Gratitude.
    4. A compact city
    5. Silence.
  3. The choice does not make a difference
  4. Internalize your rage.

Chapter 7 – The Seventh Chunk Walkthrough

  1. Reveal it.
  2. Click on on scented candle
  3. Then click on on the glowing doorway.
  4. You fess up and inform the truth.

I Enjoy you Colonel Sanders – Walkthrough Working day 3 & Ending

Chapter 8 – The Eighth Chunk Walkthrough

  1. Flatter him

Chapter 9 – The Ninth Chunk Walkthrough

  1. Never do it immediately after all.
  2. He should be hungry!
  3. Fess up about your practice dish.

Chapter 10 – The Tenth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Do it the really hard way.
  2. You summon additional electric power from deep inside oneself.
  3. You can pick out to adopt spork monster or not

Enjoy the very best ending of the game

I Really like you Colonel Sanders – Greatest Ending Video

Of system there are Spoilers in the video clip, ist includes the ending:

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