How to throw penalties at FIFA 20? Note and stop

How to throw penalties at FIFA 20? Note and stop

Throw penalties at FIFA 20

We explain how to throw penalties at FIFA 20, but also how to stop them. There have been changes to the mechanics of penalties, especially at the time of targeting, that you need to know

Sanctions on FIFA 20 – Goal

The main change in the penalties is that we now have a circle to move to where we want to mark it. We move the circle with Left stick, and where we shoot is exactly where we shoot.

The problem is that the pitcher will move his head to where we are heading the circle, so it may also be easier for the goalkeeper to guess. And this problem is even bigger if, for example, we want to target the team, it will take us longer and it will be easier to guess. So one tip when aiming is to insert the circle into the goal and move it from left to right.

Sanctions on FIFA 20 – Power

The power is greater when pressing the shutter button = Cycle on the Playstation or B. on the Xbox

Another change we will see is that around the targeting cycle the power cycle emerges, the greater the more power we give. And that means more power, more inaccuracy. So if, for example, we are targeting the stick, do not give too much power as the chances of failure increase. So unless we manage to do a lot of practice-based penalties, the tip is to shoot at the touch of a fire button

FIFA 20 Sanctions – Variants

In addition to customizing targeting and power, we can make some variations on launch:

Speed ​​up the race

With R2 on PlayStation and RT on the Xbox: In addition to throwing faster and giving the goalkeeper less time, the shot comes out with more power.


L2 on PlayStation and LT on the Xbox: Just the opposite, slower (the goalkeeper can start early) and a more accurate shot


Hold down L1 on PlayStation and LB on Xbox while executing the sentence

Expiry Time

The truth is that it is not particularly effective in penalties, but it is done by pressing the fire key (Cycle on the Playstation or B. on the Xbox.) when you hit the ball

Penalties in FIFA 20 – How to Stop?

To get started with the goalkeeper, we only have to run with it right stick. Now, so that the pitcher does not see where to start, we recommend that you do not touch the right knob until the last minute.

Sanctions on FIFA 20 – Videoguía

Finally, here's a tutorial video on Ovvy, where you'll see how to start sanctions and how new changes affect the launch.

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