How to get Free Wings in BTS World?

How to get Free Wings in BTS World?

Free Wings in BTS World

If you never want to pay for Wings, verify our tutorial about How to get Free Wings in BTS World, the forex for vitality in the Netmarble´s game

The Wings are one particular of the currencies of the game, and you need wings to engage in missions, is like the vitality operate in other game titles. So even if is not the top quality currency you are likely to need to have wings just about every time you perform. Of system you can invest in them but there are also cost-free strategies to farm wings:

Free Wings in BTS Entire world – Just Play

You can acquire wings just by expending time participating in BTS Earth. Just about every 6 minutes you will get 1 cost-free wing, it’s a cost-free refill, so just participate in and you will get some.

Totally free Wings in BTS Earth – Mates

BTS Earth is a social game, and the additional pals you have, the more rewards you obtain. But the key benefit is that you can share ( deliver and acquire) wings.

You can mail and obtain 1 wing per buddy day by day, and you can have up to 50 mates. If you have 50 friends, and they participate in BTS Entire world each day, you can get up to 50 free wings every day. So, you need 50 lively buddies as shortly as you can.

You can incorporate buddies by way of mate code or through Facebook:

  • Close friend code: You need to have your friend’s code. Tip: research “BTS Environment buddies code” or also “BTS Globe add friends” in google
  • Facebook: You require to be buddies in Facebook very first. Suggestion: search for a BTS Earth group in fb and find lively players there. There are tons, but if you want 1 illustration: “BTS Globe Worldwide Game”

If you dont know how to add a close friend choose a glance at the Incorporate Close friends Guide.

In Game Benefits

Some activities in the game have wings as reward the moment concluded:

  • Everyday Login
  • Quests & Missions
  • Activities or Teaching Missions
  • Day by day missions
  • Achievements

So do not just wait for wings, go for them

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