How to get Diamonds in Royale High – Roblox

How to get Diamonds in Royale High – Roblox

Diamonds in Royale High roblox

Do you know How to get Diamonds in Royale Higher? There are a number of techniques you can get diamonds completely free of charge, and of training course we will demonstrate them beneath

Diamonds in Royale Substantial – Locate the Locations

These are the diamonds spawn points & also the colours:

Widespread – 1 Diamond: At the College Constructing, glance for them on the roofs, the flags and also the tower.

Magenta & Yellow – 5 Diamonds: At the Swimming pool, glimpse for them on the highest diving board

Inexperienced – 10 Diamonds: At the Art Room (powering the windows), at the tower at the back of the forest (driving spawn), and also at the mermaid cave (behind the waterfall and the swimming pool), glimpse for a eco-friendly spike there.

Purple – 20 Diamonds: At the Campus (by the fireplace at the principal’s office environment), At the Art Home (driving the windows), at the forest (inside a tent driving spawn), and also at the mild residence (top) in the island driving the baking classroom

Diamonds in Royale Significant – Stage Up

Each individual time you amount up you will earn 300 diamonds

Diamonds in Royale Significant – Royale Ball

If you earn the Royale Ball (there are allways 2 winners), you will receive 500 diamonds as reward

Dancing at the Ball

At the ball, if you dance with an additional player and you comprehensive degrees you will get diamonds:

  • 1º stage: 10 diamonds
  • 2º degree: 20 diamonds
  • 3º degree: 30 diamonds
  • 4º amount: 40 diamonds
  • 5º degree: 50 diamonds
  • 6º amount: 60 diamonds
  • 7º degree: 70 diamonds
  • 8º degree: 80 diamonds
  • 9º stage: 90 diamonds
  • 10º degree: 100 diamonds

Is not quick, you need to have to click the arrows in accordance to the timing, but there are 550 diamonds waiting for you if you finish the 10 amounts

Game Pass Bonus

With a game pass you can multiply the total of diamonds you receive:

  • 2x diamonds game pass
  • 4x diamonds game pass

So for example the reward for leveling up would be 600 and 1,200 respectively. And you can also use the two game passes at the exact time. But the bonus is not 2×4 = 8, as an alternative is 2+4 = 6. So, in the same illustration, your bounus for leveling up would be 600 + 1,200 = 1,800

The only thing is that the game go can just be acquired with Robux

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