How to Find Legendary Weapons in Bordelands 3: The Easiest and Faster Way

How to Find Legendary Weapons in Bordelands 3: The Easiest and Faster Way

Borderlands 3 is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The franchise developed by Gearbox and 2K continues to paddle in the right direction and with this third installment they seek to expand the chaotic, frantic and fun universe of the Borderlands.

The epic of Borderlands has always been his own a large number of weapons and game based on looting and cultivation. The rarity of weapons is something that many players seek to conquer one that really destroys enemies.

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In this guide we will show you how to loot and acquire legendary weapons within the Borderlands 3. Because if we want to arm in the teeth, what better way to do it than with the most destructive weapons.

How to Find Legendary Weapons in Bordelands 3: The Easiest and Faster Way

Borderlands 3

The best method for searching and obtaining legendary weapons It requires the completion of several requirements.

  • You need to enable the Mayhem function, a way that increases the difficulty of the game once you're done. However, this way not only increases the difficulty, but also the chance of bringing you legendary weapons, and in particular will increase the quality of the coin by 500%.
  • It is preferable to activate the third level in this way after you have more opportunities to acquire legendary weapons.
  • To unlock this feature on the third level, you must do so Install Relic from the Vault on one of the three engine slots in the Sanctuary after the game is over.
  • Once activated you should go Athena and look for Chupacabrach, one of the targets of the Great Hammerlock Hunt.
  • This enemy is very likely to throw a legendary weapon (between 1 and 3).
  • There is a save the spot close by from its location where you can load and save a game and so you're looking for lots of different weapons every time you finish it.

Border Analysis 3

It is not known if this is a technical error or not, but in any case, you should take advantage of this method before you can fix it, as it is really useful if you want to get some legendary weapons. Attached is an explanatory video of youtuber Gamesnap.

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