How to add friends to Mario Kart Round?

How to add friends to Mario Kart Round?

add friends to the Mario Kart Tour

We explain how to add friends to the Mario Kart Tour, since you first need to unlock one. We also explain the release dates of many players and estimates.

Mario Kart Tour Friends – Can You Add Them?

You may have doubts because they cannot be added first. But yes you can add friends. All you have to do is move on until you finish the Yoshi race, thus unlocking the ranking menu, through which you can access the Friends section.

So even though multiplayer is not over yet, friends can add now, but move on to unlock the scores, which will be unlocked once the Yoshi match is over.

Mario Kart Tour Friends – How Do You Invite?

The invitation system operates via id or friend code.

Go to Ranking, click the Friend tab, and then click the + Add Friend button. You will have access to a screen where you will see your friend ID or password (a 12-digit code) and an ID reader.

If you want to invite someone, enter their ID in the search engine and send the invitation, though they won't become your friend until they accept it. Or if you want to call him, send the code that appears on the same screen.

You can also use your suggested friends on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the links you see on the same screen. Or leave your code in the comment section of this mini guide.

Mario Kart Tour Friends – Multiplayer

The multiplayer game is not yet available, we can only invite friends and see their progress in registration. But if you want to play against them and even with them as a team, you have to wait a bit. The estimate is that sometime in October 2019 it will be operational, so it will be ready immediately.

Video guide

In case you didn't specify any steps to add friends, we leave you this youtuber Aslem125 video guide:

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